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How to make progressive House (part 1)


Another quality beginner tutorial. :musical_note:

At the start you said:

“The whole point of the genre is by having progression. So create some nice smooth chord progressions.”

I’m not sure this is true. It’s my understanding that ‘progressive’ music, of which there are many varieties, is more about ‘colouring outside the lines’ of the genre than about the chord progressions used.

Wikipedia describes it as:

“Progressive music is music that subverts genre and results in the expansion of stylistic boundaries.”


Well I really wanted to say something of the lines as “progressive music moves forward slowly with each 8-16 bars having variation”

But idk. There will be a part 2 so I can fix my mistakes.

Thanks for ur feedback


Not looking to pile on, but… changing things up every 8-16 bars is a common framework across many genres. It’s commonly to avoid a track / groove feeling stale.


I meant like having this change slower with tiny variations


Like every 8 bar is just adding like a hi hat or something. Then more sounds come in each time and it’s dragged on for a while


Hi guys I’m new to this website and I’m also new with using “Auxy Studio” I’ve been watching some videos for basic tutorials on how to use Auxy but the tutorials are a bit outdated. So I was just wondering if any of you guys are able to make some basic tutorials on how to make beats etc. with the latest version of the app of course. I would be most appreciative if I see some videos posted soon. Thanks in advance.


Hey guys i open a YouTube channel, i will upload auxy tutorials!
Please check it out

Link of my first video:


Well, vocal-ish and not really ‘chops’.
Playing a melody using the same (vocal) sound isn’t really ‘chops’.

Would be great to see you do a tutorial on vocal chops using actual vocal samples. :+1:


Yes! In my opinion it’s very similar to a vocal chop men


Each to their own.

Just would’ve expected a ‘vocal chops’ tutorial to make use of actual chopped up vocal samples - seeing as Auxy now supports that.


I am new to auxy and music production in general, my genre preference is dnb. I’ve tried making some beats but feel they are lacking. I’d love to see some dnb tutorials in auxy, mainly neurofunk and dark techy dnb (Noisia, Black sun empire, phace, mefjus kinda style).


I’ll be making some basic tutorials this upcoming week! And I’ll be sure to do loads of different sectors for beginners


I’ve got two dnb tutorials for u! One is the basics and one is a further tutorial.

If you ever need a specific tutorial make sure to comment and I’ll be sure to help everyone out!


Hey guys here are some upcoming tutorials I’ll be making!

How to make Alan walker - faded
How to make chords (the basics)
How to make Tom fills
How to remix any song
How to make hardstyle
How to use auxy (the basics)

Best things about Auxy

STAY TUNED :call_me_hand:t2:


How to make chords and progressions!


Another well made tutorial, but I’ve noticed a few inaccuracies (in this case the terminology and names of chords) creeping in lately.


Hm. I’m not that good with theory that’s a part I’m still learning. If u could tell me where I went wrong?


When you said ‘perfect fifth chord’, I think you meant ‘primary triad’.
Also, your 7th and 9th chords were not 7th or 9th chords.


Yeah? It literally gave an example. I’m pretty sure I’m right with my intervals and stuff. But it doesn’t have to be exactly the correct interval for it to be a 9th or whatever. But I’m still learning the theory in my music class. But thanks for ur input