Auxy Tutorial Videos


The basics of DnB!


My mic is broken as of now, and I can’t order a new one for a while. This is why there’s no videos rn.


How to import samples in auxy! Hope this helps people


Consistently well made tutorials. :+1:

An alternative method for Mac users is to just drop files into your ‘iCloud Drive’.
Makes it dead easy to arrange things into folders.


Thank you mate! And yeah I find it easier personally to use air drop just so I know where it goes


How to make dnb part 2!


I’d recommend investing in better thumbnail creation software.
Picsart works great for what I need.


These videos are great keep up the good work!!!


That’s what I use lmao


Thank u!


How to make trance in auxy! There will be a part 2!


Can anyone do a Neurofunk dnb tutorial? Would love to be able to produce Neurofunk.


I really like your tutorials, very clear and easy to follow. Would you be able to do any sub genres of dnb such as: Neurofunk, liquid and jump up?

I can make the beats easy enough it’s the bass that doesn’t sound great. Would appreciate any help.


Yeah sure dude! I actually specialise in liquid dnb more than heavy but I’ve made a few heavy ones. Thabks aswell!


Nice one man, do you have any tips on making neuro bass sounds?

#79 Here’s an 8 bar loop of what I consider neurofunk, the problem is the bass doesn’t sound big enough


Damn dude that’s mean :smiling_imp:


Thanks man it’s just a quick loop that I made don’t really have much experience in making tracks, I’m not sure the bass is heavy enough. I need to add some fills, pads etc to make it a full track


How to make hey There Delilah with the new guitar pack!


I use beam a lot in my dnb songs. A lot of sounds from the future are good too. Stack the layers