Auxy Tutorial Videos


How to structure your tracks! Hope this helps people who are struggling!


Hey guys I just wanted to help everyone who is struggling to Pursue their msuic career. So here are some tips for Music Production! Enjoy


YEA!!! I’ll give it a watch when I next can. Thanks for all these amazing vids!


No worries buddy. I hope you learn something!


Hope this helps anyone who is struggling to start a song:


Tips and tricks on transitions! Hope u learn something!


Spanish video


¿Solo hablas espanol, o ingles tambien? ¡Buen trabajo!


As promised. Here’s how to sound like @SUFOS


Hablo inglés bro! Gracias!


Auxy 5 Review!


Awesome video!


Thanks! It’s basically just a brief idea what the update is about


Sure, but it’s good! You seem pretty positive about the new stuff now. :slight_smile:


Extremely! I was just annoyed towards the stuff because I didn’t u derstand anything haha. Now that I know how to use it I’m loving it!


Gotta break those eggs to make the omelette :slight_smile:


Gott apply the accelerator to move forward!


I will make a video and post it here for yall who want to make hardstyle kicks


here ir is .


Here’s two of mine…