Auxy Tutorial Videos


I’ve created a YouTube playlist where we want to collect and showcase great Auxy tutorials from the community. It’s going to be constantly updated as the app and community develops. It will also get some some prominent featuring in the app to help more people find it.

Please help me find the best videos by posting your favorites!

I also think it’s a good idea to format videos like this in order to optimize for search on YouTube:

I think you could make the intro a bit shorter and probably good if you format the title like this to optimize search traffic:

“Tutorial: How to make [what you want to show] in Auxy for iPhone and iPad”

And if it’s a recreation you can title it:

“How to remake SONG by ARTIST in Auxy for iPhone and iPad”.



When is the playlist expected to be featured in app? It would probably be best if I created a video for it before then.


How to make a heavy track in Auxy


Tips on chill tracks!


How to make melodic dubstep

Like for part 2


Yeah! This is awesome! Just what I need :+1:


I’ll be doing a lot of other genre tutorials and part 2 of this once the update comes out :smiley:


How to make tropical house!


How to sound like @Southborne . Enjoy


Tips and tricks for DRUMS, Part 1


Here’s how to sound like NEWNAMES


Hey @DJ_La_Rocca,

You’re putting a lot of work into these Auxy tutorials. Just wanted to say thank you.

I’m surprised more people aren’t clicking like on these vids as I’m sure they’re interesting and/or helpful for many.


I get around 10 likes per video :slight_smile: but thank you so much! I’m trying hard! Thanks for the nice feedback


I’m planning to update the “welcome to the forum” / forum rules soon and when I do, I’ll include a link to this thread.


Okay awesome! Thanks a lot man


Ikr! These vids are the best Auxy vids out there! I watch every single one :slight_smile:


Click LIKE on them Mooooooo, so those producing vids know their work is appreciated :+1:


I haven’t made any content recently because
I’m busy
I’m lazy
I’m waiting till the 25th for a big announcement and overview vid.


I’m doing the same lol