Auxy Tutorial Videos


I’ve used that technique in a ton of songs. I used it in every song in my Voxel City Orchestra & Songs About Rain EPs.

YouTube channel - Auxy remakes

House basslines (my style)


Hey guys,

Made a simple little tutorial for Auxy. I would appreciate it if you gave me some feedback.



Sorry! I had to remind upload it


Hey! For the next update we’re going to add a persistent link as well as start directing people to the search results for “Auxy Tutorial” on YouTube. I.e.

So if you make a tutorial, it’s great to put “Auxy Tutorial” in the title and then YouTube will help us filter out the best stuff for people who look for these videos.


I make videos too


Which app for editing?


What else can we expect for the next update?


Movie studio platinum 12, if I remember correctly!




This demonstrates how to use Ableton Link to synchronize Auxy to other Link enabled apps (in this example I use blocs wave), how to export from blocs wave direct to Auxy and how to use the loops in a drum channel playing them out fully and also using the note length feature to force the loop to retrigger for introducing variation.

There’s obviously a lot more you can do with this. Blocs Wave, Groovebox, Reason Compact etc are all free to start so you can practice this technique.

Sorry this isn’t the most flashy or fun to watch, I’m literally a video idiot. iOS audio? No problem. YouTube career? Failure to launch :slight_smile:

Hope this helps some of you open your mind to different possibilities!


do a prim tech type thing and just have everything you want to say as CC


The above is fixed to the best of my ability. Some lessons learned! If there’s a next one it will be a bit better.