Auxy Tutorial Videos


I’m currently trying to build a fence to stop my dog getting out. Any tips?


Haha, can’t help ya there. Music related :wink:


True story, I would need something like this as well. Trying to avoid getting a geo fence shock collar. It’s a real pain in the rear, the whole situation.


I’d suggest just making it taller than the dogs height jump and capabilities. But I’m not a carpenter so…


In all seriousness though, I’d be happy to learn anything you feel you have expertise in.


Okay :slight_smile: just asking individually if there’s anything you are struggling with. I’d be happy to help.

I’ve got “pro tips #2” in mind. & a tutorial on effects ie. risers, impacts and more


Just cut off the dogs legs
Then it won’t get away


Poor doggo. Could just use a chain and chain it up to somethung when leaving it outside


My dog has no nose.
How does it smell?


A tutorial on sub genres of dnb such as neurofunk, jump up or jungle would be sweet.

And a tutorial on glitch hop or neuro hop would be awesome.


Simple solution. Simply trade your dog in for a cat. Now you have a pet that doesn’t have to go outside.


Yeah with new drums I might consider a dnb part 3 but I’m still learning the genre and it’s subgenres so not sure yet.

Also currently studying lo fi hip hop so expect a tutorial on that soon


Awesome man I look forward to it .


Took me a while to make a part 2, but the wait was worth it as I’m now pretty experienced with the genre.


Hope you benefit from this


One of my favourite songs, I bring to you: how to make Sam sparrow - black and gold.


Did anyone like my white noise tutorial/think it was helpful? I might make another tutorial soon.


Yep it helped a lot when I was first starting


quick tutorial i put together