Auxy Tutorial Videos

This thread is for posting your Auxy tutorials.

As @Auxy explains below:-

“I’ve created a YouTube playlist where we want to collect and showcase great Auxy tutorials from the community. It’s going to be constantly updated as the app and community develops. It will also get some some prominent featuring in the app to help more people find it.

Please help me find the best videos by posting your favorites!

I also think it’s a good idea to format videos like this in order to optimize for search on YouTube:

I think you could make the intro a bit shorter and probably good if you format the title like this to optimize search traffic:

“Tutorial: How to make [what you want to show] in Auxy for iPhone and iPad”

And if it’s a recreation you can title it:

“How to remake SONG by ARTIST in Auxy for iPhone and iPad”.


Auxy Tutorials by @Produk

These currently include:

  1. How to Use Auxy: Basics
  2. How to Use Auxy: Basics 2
  3. How to make Wub Wubs
  4. How to make beats
  5. How to make a melody
  6. How to make chords (@Produk & @MR_ANDERSON )
  7. Creating a build (@Produk and @MR_ANDERSON )
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@Southborne - How to create a good drop:

@Andrew_Adams - Auxy Builds and Drops


  • How to Make Future House
  • How to make a chill track in Auxy
  • How to Make a catchy song in Auxy
  • How to make an aero-cord - Surface in Auxy
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How to make white noise


Thank you!!!

Disclaimer: I WILL try and make so,e new content soon, I’ve been really busy with the season and trying to get an album out.

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Beat Making Tutorial by DeCruz


How 6A Makes music with Auxy

Good video to show you how to make your tracks more powerful
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How to make good basslines. JUST POSTED

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I’ve posted one or two tutorial videos and I plan to post more soon. :blush:

Nice thread. I’ll be posting tutorials if I find any

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Finally brang it to you guys. Enjoy how to make marshmello alone:

You can make your own videos too :slight_smile:

How to make buildups in Auxy

How to make old school rave music in Auxy.


How to make ed Sheeran shape of you in AUXY

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