Auxy Track of the Month (2019) - Who wants to judge?


Hey Auxy crew,

I’m planning to start an ‘Auxy Forum Track of the Month’ competition, as I miss the Auxy Beat the Clock challenges.

Three judges are needed to determine the winners each month. The judges would need to listen to all tracks posted in the ‘Finished Tracks’ category each month and vote for the best. I’ll oversee this monthly competition to ensure it’s managed fairly, but won’t be a judge myself.

If you’re interested in being a judge, send me a PM and we’ll choose the best applicants. Our preference is for people who have demonstrated musical ability and maturity within the forum. Please only apply to be a judge if you’ll be able to constantly & reliably vote fairly on the best track within each month, in a timely manner.

If anyone wants to contribute a logo for “Auxy Track of the Month”, feel free to send me your graphics. No promises, but if it’s awesome we may use it. The best logo submission will receive a forum Unicorn.

Let’s do this!

Thanks, MM.



After judges are found, when will this start?

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I’d do it, if only I had the time…



I have a few questions about how this will work.

  1. What would the winner for each month gain from being selected as the track of the month? Maybe we could get in contact with the devs and have the official Auxy SoundCloud page involved… @lenberg

  2. The amount of tracks posted in the Finished Tracks section is very large, how would people have time to listen to the full length of every track posted there? It would probably take hours to get through a full month of content, plus additional time for judging each track.

Anyway, this seems like a good idea going forward. I’d be interested in judging :wink:

Also, what would you need a logo for?



I agree with @HYDRANS, it would take hours to listen to all the tracks in the finished track section. We should probably find a way to narrow the tracks downwards so we can pick from there. Maybe each month has its own genre?



I’ll probably get bored in the summer and do it then!

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I definitely don’t have enough time for it because I’ve very tight schedule and have many other responsibilities
However, I’ll be curious to see who’s gonna be selected.
I’ll keep track of this thread

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i probably don’t have enough time to judge but i sent you an idea for a logo

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But what if you’re not good at that genre or you don’t enjoy it as much

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Haven’t set a start date yet, but will confirm once judges confirmed.

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You would be a great judge too!



First step is to see how things go. If the concept goes okay, we can take the next step.

We would only be checking the tracks posted in the last month. To keep things simple, we wouldn’t be providing feedback or justifications to each artist publishing music. Basically at the end of each month, I would provide judges with a list of tracks to listen to. They would listen to them all and choose their favourite. If a track is obviously not the best in the month, the judges wouldn’t have to listen to the full track. We’ll work out an approach for determining the winner in due course.

It would be the logo / branding for the competition. It would be used for the associated topics in the forum including announcing winners and it could potentially end up in the Auxy feed, if the idea blossoms.

Thanks for offering to be a judge.



Yeah. That’s always an issue. And it can’t ever be fully resolved. But we’ll just need to do our best to be fair. I won’t be a judge, so my role will be to monitor the process and do my best to ensure it’s fair.

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Thanks to everyone who has submitted a logo or offered to be a judge so far.

I’ve set a timer on this topic, so you can see when submissions close.

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sounds fun. I’ll think about it. I got a lot going on for school and possibly my job over the summer though.

might try and submit a logo for the comp tho

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