Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"


Yeah I was kind of wondering about this. I mean the files are super, super small. I mean even a large project couldn’t be more than about 10kb… would be interesting to know what the “30 day” verbiage all about


I think it more has to do with running out of unique project URL identifiers.


Thanks for letting me know. Now I’m hoping that Auxy doesn’t make future links expire.


They may in the future, but it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. I’d say it’s more of a “the links may eventually expire, we don’t know when yet”.

Always back up the actual .axp file. You can send yourself the .axp file in Discord or save it to dropbox or another service like mega. This is the guaranteed way that your project doesn’t get destroyed.


That what I said in my tip


This kind of seems like poking a bear with a stick a bit, doesn’t it? Storing all of your projects in “the cloud” when “the cloud” is stated by those who maintain it to not be a permanent solution and fallible at any time seems like a great way to come back one day and find your entire archive erased.

It’d be like using Dropbox but they have a memo that all your files are subject to deletion at any time. Just back up the actual project files like @TheRealJFalc said. It’s a surefire way not to be disappointed at any point in the future.


But that’s what I’ve stated already.


A project file is not the same as a project link. A project file locally contains all project information such as instruments, loops, metadata, etc. A project link is just a reference to project data stored in the cloud. :confused:


I’m not taking the project links from the cloud. And the links I’m using have all the loops and instruments.


But what if you have NO IDEA what genre you’re making(and just make stuff you think sounds good)!?


You can also tune them to the 5th of the key if tuning to the tonic is too high or low.


this may be obvious but don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing genres, it works out really well if you put enough work into it


That’s also one of the best options when tuning.


Well, im sure you like a certain type of music more than another.


hey, how did you get the wavy feel in the beginning of visions?


It was either volume or lowpass automation. I could send a screenshot if I find the project.


Don’t reject your loved ones for Auxy


What if Auxy is your loved one?


Then reject it, but at the same time, don’t reject it. Simple enough.


thanks, ill experiment with it.