Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"


thread revival again


Edit: Don’t use highpass on kicks :joy:


or just put a ducker/sidechain on the sub. If u cut too much low from the kick it might take out some of the punch/beefiness of it.
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Conversely, taking too much of the highs from the kick can also have the same effect. Introducing a layer, such as a ride on the drum kick can compensate for this.


plz do not do this
just use a ducker


Don’t die


Hey guys! Been a while since i’ve checked up on here. How’s everyone doing?


Okay, tbh


It’s actually not a bad idea to remove some of the lows from a kick depending on the style of song you are going for. However, general usage would definitely require the ducker route.

One instance I can think of is kick layering, where you remove a bit of low end from an unpitched kick to make room for a sub 808 kick in the same kit. Done this plenty of times. Another would be to have more of a “transient” kick, a sort of lighter one.

But yes. Don’t kill the lows for the sub xD



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I don’t know F by ear either. I’d have to learn it


this isn’t necessarily “Auxy” but it is something to think about: Deleting old tracks

tbh i am terrible at this and only just minutes ago decided to get rid of like 95% of my old tracks because

  1. I was out of upload time
  2. i’ve neglected it so long my plays page looks like this

It’s honestly a hard thing to do, feeling like you’re parting with tracks n plays, but now that i’ve done it, i have more than an hour of upload time and my page looks so much cleaner (legit i deleted 30+ tracks private and public)
You could download some of them as i did (things i might resample and/or lost the project files for) or just straight up forget about them, but again, getting rid of all the clutter is a good thing to do to make everything on your page just look that much cleaner and professional.


Self promotion much?



Keeping a tidy house is a great idea, especially on platforms with limited upload time. Archive the works elsewhere (Google Drive, iCloud etc etc) because I promise, listening back on these things is awesome. I pull up stuff I wrote back in 2004, 2000 etc and it’s cool to listen to. I’d never share it lol, but as a rediscovery exercise it’s fun. Kind of like holding on to mementos from childhood.

On platforms where there is no limit to upload time (BandCamp, for one) I’d say go buck wild, but, anything not representative of work you want to share should be removed.


Are you running out of iCloud storage because your project backups you taking it up and can’t afford to buy more storage? Well, I’ve got news for you!
If you put a project link in a Discord channel, it actually prevents the link from expiring in 30 days. If you’re scared it won’t work I suggest you test it out. I’ve been manually backing-up my projects for about a year now and the links still work! Try it out sometime. Have a good day! :>


Actually, all project links currently haven’t expired. I think the thirty days thing was more in anticipation of there being too many projects and so some would eventually be replaced, hence expire. I think that the amount of generated projects hasn’t been even met at this point, as there’s countless project links that still work.