Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"


NO! you were NOT! NEVER! i say NO! you WEREN’T! the answer is NO!

The answer is actually no, but I was just exaggerating it, don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s some tips:

If you’re going to make a huge song with the chorus volume and reverb turned all the way up and tons of sweeper effects, do it moderately. There has to be a balance between nothing and everything.

Once you have a melody down, find the scale that fits best with it. When writing your chords, make sure they follow the scale you chose as well.


I’ve said this tip before, but: leads aren’t just leads, basses aren’t just basses. Experiment. Try using a bass instrument for chords or leads as cool sound effects or even as drums.


I personally like automating the sweeper lowpass only, leaving the volume set low and stretching a note for 8 bars. That way the sweeper only consists of one loop for any scene and can be automated as an impact or riser of varying lengths and strengths just by switching automations. I find that it also sounds smoother.


I ain’t experienced lol… but, here is a lil tip

Study your music theory. If you want to take your music to the next level, looking into music theory is a must, not a should. I’ve found these online lessons very helpful :slight_smile:


Spray and pray :wink:


I’m more of a run n gun



Auxy 5.2 tip- try reversing impacts for epic buildup sequences!

Here’s an example of me reversing “atom bomb”


when you make trap, try throwing in some reversed kicks for some added variety


also the new pack works surprisingly well for progressive house songs… :wink:


Analogue Synths work well for any song, but house is definitely one that benefits strongly.


i still can’t make anything that doesn’t sound generic tho :sob::sob::sob:


Most house sounds generic man, we can’t all be the next revolutionary Deadmau5 ;3

Just make what sounds good and is fun, and that’s what matters.


You’re listening to the wrong stuff. :wink:


True musicians don’t listen to music ;3

I’m joking of course. Making a jab at mainstream music’s butchering of house mostly here, as it too tends to sound the same


Reversed Snares >>> Reversed Kicks


But you know who can?

Southborne. :smirk:


Life Pro Tip: Don’t stay up until 4am on Auxy like me. Get some sleep ya dummy.


Depends on your style. Any sort of dub bass, it’s primarily going to exist in the 50 to 100 section of your EQ. You cut that and you have nothing.

It’s worth noting that Auxy does not have any EQ like in the video, but you can use the LPF to cut the high-end off sounds, and the HPF tp cut low. 2 notches up on the HPF and you’ve lost almost everything below 100.

Well this video makes some very good points, sometimes a bit of bleed between instruments makes them hold together better. It’s all a question of using your ears & judgment, there is no rule that everything has to be in perfectly separate little EQ zones. Pan and volume on each instrument also have much to do with the clarity of your overall sound.


Well a lot of times you would want to cut anything below 100hz on your main basses to make room for your sub which generally lies below that point.

You are right Tho that a little bit of bleeding is ok, but for basses, you’d want to minimize that amount while not sacrificing the cleanliness of the mix (especially if you’re talking about sub basses)