Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"


Ok just listened to this and I will leave some feedback

First of all, good job! This song is quite good for your second track.

I love the arp in the intro, you don’t need to fix anything there. One suggestion is having a duplicate instrument 1 octave down, and lowpass it and turn down the volume a little bit. It would make the mix seem a little bigger. I also like the automation you had there.

Ok, next, the beat comes in. I like the beat and how you sidechained the arp to the kick, but the sound choices were a little bit off. The kick doesnt go too well with the snare. One technique I would recommend is having a main snare and a fill snare. The snare you chose is a good fill snare. Try having a slightly wider, harder hitting snare for just the 3rd 1/4 note of every bar. Also, after the drums have been introduced, it’s nice to add a short, quiet hihat on every 1/8 note for this kind of beat.

I love the pad/chord thing that comes in around 0:26 as well as the automation. Nicely done. However, the clap thing that comes in on the 1/4 notes at 0:39 is a little off. Try turning the lowpass and volume down a little, and maybe some highpass automation in the buildup? The buildup is very smooth, so nicely done. I like the pitched snare thing right before the drop.

Ok, now the drop. I love the saw chords there, but it sounds a little muddy in the mix. Play around with mixing until it sounds clean! Also, some better bass would make it sound wider, I don’t like the one you have. Maybe put it at a decent pitch, like 1 octave up what you have there. Also try to add sub by lowpassing any bass with a full sound. Overall, the whole mix sounds a bit busy at the moment. For the beat, like I was saying before, have a main snare and a fill snare. Also, try to keep the hihats consistently on the 1/8 notes, trust me.

Finally, try not to repeat the exact same drop the second time. It makes a big difference to the listener.

Anyway, very good job on this, I hope my feedback helps you


Thanks for that. Coming into the first two tracks, i was practically learning auxy myself, and i have had experience with other applications like this for about 2 years + 6 or 7 years of piano, so that helped as well. Now that i know what to do and what not to do, i think my next track will sound more professional and i will have a better understanding of auxy. I greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks!


No problem! There are plenty of people on this forum who are happy to help with anything, including me!

I’m looking forward to your next track!



Here’s an in-depth look at layering.
It tells a bit of the “science” of layering.

If you’re an EDM producer, this is a must watch.


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All kidding aside good video.

Petition for Onion melodic sound pack :slight_smile:


Also, this video very nicely demonstrates HOW much you can cut bass across multiple instruments. You can very quickly fudge up a mix and it’s gonna sound like a flabby fart and you’re not necessarily going to know why. Even on a lot of bass patches I’ll STILL roll off the bass because I really don’t need it playing around in the 0-~100hz range, dumb.


Love a bit of Underbelly.
Love his sense of humour. Quite dry, but inane – with actual useful info.

He also does a good turn in non-EDM styles too.

I was playing around with an “OK, so check it!” sample a while back.
It needs to happen. :wink:

Re: The topic of this thread…

I know the thread is aimed more at Auxy tip and tricks, but this thread will be helpful too…


“Oh, Wowzers”


uhhhhh layering silk or spray with sweet saw or sweet spring sounds good for a future bass chord… also don’t use ducker on your 808s, manually duck it using the volume automation, it sounds crisper imo


Another “pro” tip, often overlooked: do whatever the hell you want as long as it sounds good.

Questions regarding sounding good:

Do the elements I want to be in focus sound like they’re the focus?

Have I used enough of the spectrum to make it sound full? This usually comes down to having just the right amount of bass and simple level adjustments

Have I added enough movement to the sounds to bring out the groove in the best possible way?

So a lot is up to taste. And a lot is just listening skills, critical listening skills. And if you really have no idea, just listen to tracks you like the general sound of and use what you available to get in that ballpark. But also keep in mind it won’t ever sound like someone else’s track simply because it ISNT someone else’s track. Try to keep a healthy perspective on that.


Oh nice. My thread has been revived :joy:


Welcome to the community of Auxy @blusea . Although I kinda drifted away from using Auxy after a while, glad to see you learning the ropes of music production!




No problem :slight_smile:


Can one use duckers on drums? If so, how?


Don’t think its’ possible in auxy unless you have a seperate instrument just for the kick drum, then you use volume to manually duck the rest of the drums.


He means 808 bass I think


808s are typically the boom basses and punch, you can use ducker on those


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