Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"


At the same time i was thinking (which I didn’t even think on the posted earlier)… that thing you can only do for background layering, it is outside of comfort zone :crazy_face:


How do you pitch your snares? I never really understood his. I know about pitch automation. I just mean how do you know what pitch they are?


Not quite sure what you mean here.

It’s effectively a forced legato, which I think could work for any element of a piece, chords, harmonies, leads, …

It would be an interesting experiment, likely with interesting new results. :slight_smile:


I just don’t know what I’m saying as well :joy:

Sorry for the limited knowledge on the musical term, legato (i have to google it up :rofl:) refers to me as background layer (chords, harmonies). Well now i know :+1:t3:


There’s an option in the drum automation to pitch your snares and claps (columns 2 and 3) in a higher or a lower pitch.

Snare pitch is the name for the automation. You can use this to replicate a higher or lower pitched snare.


I tried to clarify. Ik how to do it, I don’t know how to know what key it’s pitched to


Legato more refers to how it’s played (i.e. connected, without pauses) rather than what instrument or part of the music it is.

Chords are often played legato, but not always.

Here’s a rough illustration…


[Edited to correct label in graphic. Thx @cgedius]


Great information for me, thanks @akabillposters
:+1:t3: So all this while I’m using legato (eg choir and violin sound) … good to know :smile:

Staccato ain’t that supposed to be “not-connected”?


Nice information Aka.


Usually, you’d pitch up the snare when you are building up the song to a drop.


Yup. Well, ‘shortened’.
Corrected. Tx.




Im new to the community, which is so far very welcoming and friendly, and I’m still learning how to use the app to the best of its ability. If there are any more experienced producers that have used this app for a while that are willing to share, give some tips on how i can improve


Heres one of my songs so you can tell me how i can improve


Automate everything, even just a tiny bit. Especially volume. And make use of soft notes as well. Subtle variations create a more organic and therefore, compelling sound


Thanks! I’ll definitely try to automate my sounds more


I’m not pro but

If your gonna make a song

Make sure the bass isn’t at a pitch that destroys everyone’s ears and sounds ringy, plz

This happens so much


Did i do that? I will try to avoid it xd


Not talking specifically to anyone here just saying in general