Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"


My tip (from whatever level of experience I am)…

Force yourself to use Chromatic mode, because…

  1. You’ll start to understand the music better
  2. You’ll open up your process to more outcomes, including more ‘happy mistakes’

Another tip would be…

Understand the value of a good hook


Something else I realized recently too… if you start in scale, let’s say you wrote a whole track in B minor, if you flip the patterns to chromatic the notes will map to the “correct” notes within the chromatic scale.

I’m a little intoxicated I hope this makes sense. I probably should have realized this earlier but looking forward to doing this on future tracks to add a little color


Also, building a USA puzzle with your five year old son three beers in makes it quite a lot easier to deal with lol. Sure a lot of you guys and gals here can’t relate but trust me, some day, you will :upside_down_face:

This is the experienced thread right?! Lol


True. I agree with you.


Explore using instruments as sound effects (rather than notes) by pushing the automation/controls around a lot and exploring the very top and bottom of the available scales.

If there’s a sound you don’t like or don’t think is useful to you, play around to see how it could be used as a sound effect.

There are a few posts here on the topic, but it’s fun to explore for yourself – and it can really add dimension to your tracks.


Yeah. That’s a really great idea too.




Don’t do this



yeah, in one of my songs i made chords using freak, believe it or not




Ive made a lead using Blob…

I didnt sound good but I tried it lmao.


Yeah of course lol


I’ve used Pepper and Freak as leads


IvE uSeD mArBlE aS a LeAd :triumph:


it wasn’t as bad as one might think



i really need tips at this point im relying on luck to get good songs :joy:


One that I forgot to mention, but make use of frequently.

Different ‘versions’ of a note…

You sometimes get interesting alternative outcomes between moving the note in the sequencer and using the pitch control to ‘move’ it instead.

E.g. if you wanted a middle C, you could simply use a middle C – or you could use a C on a higher/lower octave and use pitch control to push it back to middle C.

Due to the way some sounds are sampled/generated, you will sometimes get different sonic outcomes, especially in how the tone and shape controls react.



Spot on mate! :+1:t3:

Single note usage for the whole song :thinking:


Single note usage for the whole song

Sounds like an extreme approach, but also extremely interesting.
Love that type of thinking. :+1: :+1:

Sounds like a great future BTC challenge too.