Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"


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I’m not lol :joy: just rational


This is core of good snare


My 1 secret tip…
Listen to lots of the kinda music you wanna create. Listen to how the tracks are built and the kind of sounds. Then practice replicating them. Soon you’ll know all the ins and outs of the genre and you can start creating


This is good advice.
I do my best to pitch everything in my tracks.


to add emotion, add imperfections in the piano roll, and add lowpass and reverb on all pads and leads


When you feel the song feels empty. Add necessary thins like low filter pads, sound fx and background melodies.

Also a song without emotion is boring. So make sure you put all your effort and love into it!


I just realised me and you almost said the exact same thing :joy:


“imperfection is perfection” - flume (my senior quote)
try offsetting some piano notes in the chord by 1/32. make some soft sometimes. drench that sucker in reverb. use 7, 9, 13, 11, 2, and 4 in a chord (1, 3, 5) to add color.


Take all that reverb
Put it in a pool
Then swim in it
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Niagara Reverbs


What I wrote in the original post… :wink:


Yeah I do that too lol :smile:


man I wouldn’t be able to make any more music then…


Maybe as an alternative, you can go scuba diving in all that reverb.




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Why don’t you tone it down a little.


I’d say it’s good to add at least a little reverb to make it fit better with the ‘space’ of the other instruments.

Generally, having a completely dry bass, especially one with any character (e.g. rez), can stick out (in a wrong way) in the middle of a track that uses reverb to shape the space.

Some genres, such as Ambient, might even use very generous amounts of reverb on basses.

I think the rule underneath what you’re saying is that you should generally* avoid overlapping bass notes, as it can produce a muddy low-end, with unclear basslines and creating problems effecting the audibility of the rest of the track.

* bass chords are a legit thing.


I don’t know if I’m experienced or not, but here are a few tips that may be to your interest.

  1. Drum layering: Always try to use more than one drum set at once to help make your track sound more spicy.
  2. Try not to repeat: This is something I have a major problem with, I always have trouble trying to make my songs non repetitive. Something that helps me a bunch is trying to fit 2-4 different chord loops into one track. Having differing chords for the intro, chorus, etcetera.
  3. Try to incorporate the original AP as much as possible. It contains so many useful sounds, try not to only use the new APs
  4. Branch out to other genres! This helps you get experience making all sorts of sounds.
  5. Ask questions and learn from experienced artists! (unlike me :stuck_out_tongue: )
  6. Try using precision triplets :slight_smile: