Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"


Only thing I can say is take your time with projects. It should take you a couple of days to make a song unless you are very experienced and know exactly what you’re gonna do. Also, dont force yourself to finish a song if you don’t like it.


This might be just me, but I highly recommend changing the pitch of your snares/claps to the project key.
For example, if your song is in the key of F, then change the pitch of the snare/clap to F


I’m pretty sure this is an automatic setting, but honestly don’t pitch your drums down for a long time.

Make sure you “pitch” your snares/claps in key. If you’re in C, make sure you either pitch your drums at C, D, E, F, G, A, or B


I change the pitch of my snares/claps in my latest projects and they end up sounding better than I anticipated.
Kicks already change pitch when you change the key of the song.


i guess i’ll just s l i d e   o n   o u t  of here



Already a topic (haha and the one NEWNAMES posted too)

And you probably shouldn’t limit it to the people you invited, there are waaaay more experienced producers



honestly everyone on this forum is talented on this forum in one way or another; don’t just limit it to these people.

(means a lot that i’m considered one of those people lol)


Do not
Put everything
Max volume!!!

It makes your song sound muddy and it makes melodies hard to hear.
(Took me way too long to learn that one)


hehehehehehe every single one of my tracks ^^

for some reason i only “mix” the bassline


Almost all of my early songs are just a massive brick of sound


when you don’t have perfect pitch so you have no idea what F is


this is relatable


Aight then


Well produk you can play an F note and see if it matches


Ayy you know I didn’t mean that though. I edited the post sorry was making it in a rush and didn’t realize


Yeah sorry 'bout that guys, again I fixed it

I hope people don’t think I’m arrogant, I really didn’t mean that


i suck at music

Oh… I thought I’m experienced


I find that if you have a song, and you try to put wubs in it, unless all the sounds have the low pass settings, it sounds like they drag behind the song. Maybe you don’t have to put them on the bass, or a high pitched melody, but anything else won’t match rhythm wise.


Also relatable


Put them on bass and chords. Do it on the melody if you use the right sound. Getting the rhythm is correct as well. Make sure the peak of the wUb is on the offbeat and the valley of the wUb is where it starts.