Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"

Hey guys, I created this topic because I want artists and musicians that are starting out in Auxy, or just use Auxy to make music but haven’t really put out a track they feel like they put their best effort into, to gain valuable feedback from members of the community that have climbed this mountain already.
In this thread anyone can ask questions they have regarding Auxy and the production/effort involved into making a great track.
I invite everyone who can share knowledge but especially @IAATOE, @Southborne, @xavior, @crystldawnmusic, @anon41616463, @aUstin_Haga, @stereofield, @NEWNAMES, and @blackocean, to come share some valuable feedback that anyone can use to improve their Auxy tracks as well as answer questions that the community has.
I hope that this helps everyone become a better musician!

EDIT: Please don’t be discouraged if your name isn’t on this list above ^^^ There are a ton more of experienced producers out there and I just mentioned a few. :smile:


this is already a thread, but i guess i can help

s t a c k t h e l a y e r s


so like i can’t give tips?


Ye i agree. Always try to use more layers to create a richer sound. Beware of bad instrument combos though.

Your name is up there.

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oh kk
sorry didn’t see it


But I didn’t say that nobody can help lmao. You’re a great artist and it would be great if actually anyone could help but I don’t want inconsistant feedback to be given


this is a bit more technical; probably won’t help beginners to music production, but try to avoid layering instruments that have no sustain with instruments with sustain. a perfect example of this is gossip and doodle. in the end, however, you can use lowpass or volume automation to manipulate a no sustain instrument.

probably confusing, but i hope this helps ^


Then people would have to decide which way to go, I’m not saying there isn’t multiple ways to do things it just can get a bit confusing sometimes if you have multiple opinions on something

True. Also don’t just splatter a whole bunch of notes down thinking it’ll sound good. You need some actual structure to the song, trust me


whoops didn’t mean to reply to you newnames

Damn I have so many tips

I should probably make a youtube video or something


Dang me too

You kinda just learn over time.

what the :joy:

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  • If you want a really good chill beat, try using Dollar with pitch turned down, add some reverb too.
  • Add delay to Pebble from AP-007 if you want a really nice melodic sound or something more cosmic.
  • Don’t splat down precision hi-hats in random order thinking they’ll sound good, because they won’t. Try adding soft hi-hats in to make some variety, too. Whack is good for hats, turn down the lowpass if you wish.
  • For a good trap or FB snare, layer the following together: Dollar with low pitch and Whack at regular pitch, with a clap 1/32 before the snare. It sounds like this.

Dang I like those drum beats

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Still wondering when AP-008 is coming out. Hopefully within the next few months. Also awaiting that big update @lenberg :smiley:


Don’t put reverb on bass and don’t use basses as leads (although there are exceptions to this rule, avoid it for a better sounding mix).

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