Auxy t-shirts available for orders until December 3


Get in style for the holidays or put it on your wishlist for Santa. :slight_smile:


The elusive Auxy T-Shirt is back!


Still wishing for a hoodie :confused:


Good point and they could probably make a hoodie version quite easily. Will keep in mind for next round.


Are they available till December 10th or 13th? Because in the app it says the 10th and here it (used to) say the 13th. @lenberg


It says the 3rd on the site… :thinking:


Just bought one last night! Gotta R E P R E S E N T


ahhh i want one but im saving up for smash lmao


yoo that’d be amazing.

also pocket tshirts


Should be 3rd, although it actually ends on the 4th, depending on time zone.


i would so get one but im broke af haha


Just got mine!


Rip lmao broke af rn :sob: :joy:


Got mine in the mail yesterday! :upside_down_face:


I got mine too, it’s my prized possession.