Auxy Synthesiser?

I know a synthesiser is a huge feature to implement; but I feel it would put Auxy up there as a serious DAW (not that it isn’t already of course :wink:). Auxy uses the preset-tweaking model used by many other desktop DAWs, but differs by having no way to create your own wave.
I would personally suggest a wavetable synth due to - and this is subjective but hey ho - it’s ease of use. Starting with a complex wave and applying modifiers and effects until you have your sound is usually very intuitive and ends up with a polished/finished sound.

Just noticed wavetable synthesis has been implemented very effectively for the Europa synth in the Reason Compact iOS app — which I highly recommend you guys go explore!

What do you all think about this idea?


I guess another option would be to build an Auxy sampler so we could at least import a WAV sample of our favourite patches.
I’m aware the Auxy drum machine has external sample and pitch shifting functionality, but not in a way suitable for an instrument.


I mean I agree, but yeah, funny that someone posts exactly this today and it’s answered on the other thread haha…

And PS yeah, Europa in Reason Compact is one of the best sounding on iOS :slight_smile:


Lmao I didn’t see that post… :joy:

why did i have to see this after posting about me wanting to resample most auxy patches in Logic and send them as Alchemy presets

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Sounds cool!
It’s not quite the same but 7Skies offers Massive patches for The Future and something similar (can’t remember lol) for Destiny.