Auxy Steel Drums

Anyone find any sort of sample in the drum packs anywhere for steel/ Caribbean drums? I know melodic percussions get that sound but it’s not entirely “deep” enough sound wise- just curious if anyone knows if there’s any more hidden in the packs!

Sound example:


I hate it when you fall asleep at a party and someone draws on your face…


I’d wager some sounds hidden away in Superfluidity, Neurofunk and Crate Diggers could match what you’re asking for, but as I myself am usually too terrified to go sample digging in Auxy I couldn’t tell you xD


Steel drums are a melodic percussion instrument in the vein of marimbas or vibraphones. As a melodic instrument, it wouldn’t make sense for them to be found in any of the drum packs.

I’ve been looking for some steel drums myself, but I think Glare with some other sounds layered would be a good starting point.

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True, but those packs in general have some really wacky percussion sounds in general. Aside from that, your best bet would be to import some loops or samples.

That’s what I did- ended up getting a good remix of the song above for a rappper in France and it turned out great people like it over there!

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