Auxy sounds in FL?


Hey! Hope you guys remember me :wink:

So! I transferred to FL Studio a few months back, and i’m happy with my decision. But, every now and then, i tend to miss the Auxy sounds. I was wondering if there is any way to use Auxy sounds in FL Studio. If there is, please let me know :wink:


Not natively.

You could write something (a song, a loop, loops etc) in Auxy and export stems to FL. That’s the closest you’ll get. There’s quite a few people who do that around here (or into Live, whatever DAW of choice)


Some sounds are recreatable in programs like Serum. Most notably, Silk, Hour and a majority of the OG sounds are relatively easy to recreate.

As for other sounds, 7 Skies sells both The Future pack and Destiny through this website:

The Future is for Massive, while Destiny is for Serum.

As for the others, it’s as ICS said, the closest you’ll be able to do is export stems out into FL. That’s how I make my music.


Duh yeah, I forgot these were sourced from third party packs like above, so yeah arguably they CAN be used inside any DAW, plus all other stuff that was trimmed out. Supposing you have those plugs. Tho drum samples would be easy enough to re-purpose in any DAW really…

I think Sytrus is finally free… I don’t doubt you’d get close results there. The presets will not map 1:1 though.


Yup Sytrus is free and i’ve got Serum :wink:


Yeah… Destiny has around 80+ presets and only a few of them even remotely resemble what Auxy’s selection has xD I feel that they were changed slightly in the process to be more versatile and stuff.


You could always export individual notes and load them into a sampler.


I’ve seen that pack before and it looks amazing; don’t have the money though…


Yeah nice idea, might try it.


Yup, DirectWave would handle this nicely… I think that’s what it’s called in FL. Been awhile


Okay thanks everyone for the tips :wink: You may close the topic now if you want :wink:


I did that before. I took a sound I wanted. And made a loop of one note of it. Then exported. I did this with all the instruments I wanted


Took forever tho


This reply might be out of the post itself.
But I think @Xlimator is a god at making dubstep in FL Studio in this community.Well he makes very good beats in FL!


Oh boy!!! Thanks man!!


No problem man!