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  • Added Fields-Fuze as well as entries for Bitty and Fantasy
  • Completed the entry on Bumble.


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Alright, well I suppose I might as well explain what has happened.

Discourse apparently limits the length of a body of post to 32000 characters. The current revision of the wiki, which included all the pianos, exceeded this.

In the upcoming days I will be working to relocate the wiki to another source, perhaps @stereofield or @Hum4n01d would be willing to work and get that github page up and running once again.

As for the post here, I’m debating on how to handle it. I’m sure removing most of my wordiness would cut down the character count but the amount of instruments aren’t even nearing half the total currently available. Any suggestions to how to keep the main post mirrored here relevant would be greatly appreciated.


Could you do grizzly and pebble

Label Description
Pack The Future
Waveform “Grizzly” sound with an envelope-controlled filter
Details Grizzly is a difficult sound to describe, but it’s main applications are in futuristic sounds, specifically Future House and other future-related genres.
Macro: Tone Adds different characteristics to the sound
Macro: Shape Increases the release of the ADSR envelope controlling the waveform, as well as the sustain and release of the envelope controlling the filter
Styles useful Future House, Future (insert genre here)
Label Description
Pack Melodic Percussion
Waveform Mallet-based percussion instrument
Details Pebble is a melodic percussion based instrument
Macro: Tone Switches out the sound with a different-sounding version.
Macro: Shape Adds attack to the ADSR envelope controlling the waveform
Styles useful Acoustic, Tropical, Anything really

Hard to describe these sounds because they aren’t very easy to describe. Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, I no longer have any room to add entries to the wiki itself.

I suppose I could just do requests like this and such. Or prioritize instruments on the page itself.


I don’t have time to set it up, but I would make a repository with folders for each soundpack, and within it a file for each sound with the existing table format


@TheRealJFalc If you get me the necessary information and data for the github page within the next day or two (which is when I’ll have time free), I can set up a skeleton and you can create more sub-dirs and fill in the rest of the data as you need.


@Arimyth @TheRealJFalc @stereofield @shadowofunicorns

I’m working on writing a parser that will convert the disco BBCode (or whatever it is) into JSON


Alright everyone. Already talked to Arimyth and figuring out what data he exactly needs to set up a github page and stuff. Should be happening in the next couple of days or so.

In the interim, I can do sound requests on an individual basis in replies as I feel that would help more pressing sounds be more easily identifiable (I have a preference of what sounds I’d rather cover first, so some sounds that others want will take longer, etc.)


I have some plans to build a website for the auxy sound wiki, I’ll talk to @Arimyth about it


Sneak peek:

{ name: 'Bite',
  label: 'Description',
  pack: '(AP-008) Boom Bass',
  waveform: 'Sub bass with attack ',
  details: 'One of the boom basses, this instrument is a sub bass. Aside from the use as a sub bass, it\'s not overly special, but it is useful for sub frequencies ',
  macro_tone: 'Adds clipping distortion to the waveform',
  macro_shape: 'Shape: Adjusts the release (R\\) of the waveform',
  styles_useful: 'Anything that utilizes sub-basses',
  featured_tracks: '[ADD] ',
  detail: undefined }


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featured_tracks: ‘any trap song’,


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Is this still going?


I would think so…
Also, I don’t have a clue where Auxy gets their instrument patches, can someone tell me where I could find that information? And possibly how to analyze their waveforms?


Unfortunately, Disco has a hard limit on how long a post can be, and I ran out of room on this. Not to mention I finally have a job that isn’t fast food now, so my time to work on this isn’t as much as it used to be. That among other things really pulled the rug out from under me when it comes to this. I may invest some time in the future, but as for the current point in time I don’t have many plans aside from possibly giving some one-off descriptions of instruments.


Auxy licenses them from various artists and locations, usually in the form of artist packs. Some of the other ones are developed in house by Auxy, or at least appear to be so.

As for analyzing waveform, I took basic guesses at it using Serum and ear, which probably accounts for many inaccuracies in reporting it. A lot of the artist packs are samples, so recreating them using Serum is nigh impossible. However, one thing to note is that 7 Skies does sell both The Future and Destiny through Standalonemusic, which I’ve linked numerous times. RAC’s pack was stated to be recorded off of vintage Roland equipment in both his interview video and the previous version’s description of his pack, so that’s a starting point for some of these. And Jeremy Orlander, the author of The Sound of Vivrant, is known to use Logic so it’s most likely he developed his presets using that. As for the recent artist packs, little is known of their compositional style or sources.

This is unfortunately the only extent I can detail my work here, as it’s a lot of guesswork and estimation.


Interesting. I will to check Standalonemusic out when I get the chance. Also, I’m assuming you can put the instruments through any waveform analyzer such Audacity too? Or does serum have different capabilities?