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That’s nice of you. :wink:

I never suggested we label it as ‘Casio’, just that we have no proof (that I’m aware of) that they are in fact samples from a TR-808. ‘Sub bass’ feels like a decent compromise, no?


Very well xD Anyway, to make sure this post isn’t buried in the discussion of what actually constitutes an 808…

Just a reminder of this post to make sure people see it and can determine if it is exemplary enough to be used as a featured example of Bomb.


It’s like when you look something up on the net and someone says “I googled it” or if a picture is modified it was “Photoshopped” – I guess it’s sexier than saying it was GIMP’ed or whatever haha.

Sub bass is the way to go :+1:


Added the Drop the Project song to Dirt, as it was used extensively in the song.


Personally, I think the wiki will benefit the most with dividing the sounds into leads and basses and drum kits by alphabetical. However, I’ll definitely consider revising it into a pack-divided perspective.


Interested to know what you thought of the 808 movie.
(It was put together by friends/ex-colleagues of mine.)


Right now I’m just playing around with it. Since @Hum4n01d and @TheRealJFalc already have their own versions I’m not really regarding mine as ‘serious’


I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet.
Your thoughts?


The style is weird on mine because I’m using a built-in Jekyll theme with Github Pages, and for now I can’t edit it. I’m looking into customizing it, though.


In Boom Bass, does Grit have the strongest attack when it’s tone is up?


Possibly? It depends because all of them use the same type of distortion and parameters. I don’t know how much of the attack gets clipped by the distortion type however.


Is anyone still on this topic??!!



I’ve been rather busy as of late. If you wish to contribute, feel free to do so, as it is a wiki post.


I removed the link to my GitHub repo, I’ve deleted it since this project isn’t going anywhere. If @stereofield wants to continue with his project, I’d be happy to help


@Hum4n01d I haven’t been working on it lately but I’ve added you if you want to add any content to it




body seems unclear is it a complete sentence?


Finally started updating this thing again.

  • Added the Standard Deviation Basses to the list of sounds
  • Removed any tracks that are no longer publicly available for viewing from the recommended tracks.


If you guys make entries for Loner and Orbit I’d recommend this

It’s my own track so judge it however you want



  • Added Clever



  • Added Castle and Canoe.
  • I’ll be trying to commit to updating around one or two sounds per day from now on.

Second mini-update:

  • Added a bunch of OG sounds to the leads.