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Quick question: What’s going on with the “details=“ before the Bass, Lead, and Drum kits? Is it purposeful or on accident?


That was so each category could be collapsible, but due to editing and how details works it was better to leave them inactive as long as there’s so few instruments in the wiki. As it gets closer to being full, they may be put into use.


Just a quick update on things, I was wondering if anyone still had the project file for Civil Disobedience and Poseidon, as well as any other previously featured tracks. This way I can see which instruments were used and appropriately give examples of good uses of instruments.




Changed them to headings


Alright. Since this is my own song, I’d like to request that for a usage of Barber would be applied to my song Auxyquest ( I believe the use of Barber as more of a bass guitar in that song would constitute a relatively useful example of the instrument being used. If you think so as well, please confirm it in a post below and I will add it in. This is how recommending your own tracks will work.


It sounds like auxyquest used it well so I added the track into the wiki (on the disco atleast–someone will have to mirror it to the github).


Added Twitch! : )
and also added Pastel City by NotMiles as a song for Stress


I’ve temporarily paused work on my version of the Github repository (@Hum4n01d is doing it too so there’s not really any need right now) but I’m currently adding all the sounds to a Google spreadsheet. It’s read-only right now, but let me know if you’d like to contribute.


Just added in the details for Cone. If anyone has a good example of a track that has used it, please reply to this message with your track. If it is determined to be a good usage by me or another user, it will be added. (This goes for any other sound as well)


Added in the remainder of the boom bass pack. It’s hard to distinctify the instruments, as all of them function and behave the same way for the most part. The two most noteworthy instruments with the most difference are Bomb and Grit, with Dirt coming in at a close tie.

As for a track to exemplify the use, I nominate for the use of bomb. The usage happens at 2:18 in the song. The reason why I know which bass was used should be obvious enough ;3 But I think it’s a great case of how the bass can be used.


Good stuff.

Are we sure they are all 808s though?
I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all synthesized.


Would love to officially know which are sample based and which are synthesized (even if just single cycle waveforms). Aside from the obvious things which are not synthesized.

I don’t need to know for music reasons, I just want to geek out lol.


They’re all sample based, I looked at the waveforms. I am not sure if they were synthesized, a true sample, or perhaps some sort of hybrid.

All of the OG sounds except for Punch are synthesized in-app. Parts of destiny, sweet pads and disturbing leads are also synthesized. Everything else from the library is done through a sample player that loops samples and even layers samples on top of eachother. That is why some instruments take up a large amount of size (The Future, Vintage/Signature Pianos). Especially when the samples are longer they tend to take up more room if they aren’t looped (for example, Slope doesn’t loop but the sample is 5 seconds long, which under normal circumstances would be long enough to last even the longest held note)


Not all sub-basses are 808s though…
This is an 808:

Pedantic, but accurate. :blush:


I don’t think any of them are shaped like that ;3

But in all seriousness, the 808 is mostly a sine sort of form with a kick-like attack on the front, yes? If so, I’d wager that all the boom basses are based off of it, because that is exactly what they all are.


An 808 is a drum machine produced by Roland.
An 808 bass is technically a sampled kick drum from an 808 played melodically.


And the waveform of the sample traditionally looks like this, correct?

Extra wide image

This is the data from Punch, which is an 808 if memory serves right.


Sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s definitely sourced from an 808.
It could be from a 707, 909 or a Casio.

I think simply ‘sub bass’ would suffice, as opposed to mislabelling them an 808.


Very well. If you believe that they are mislabeled as such, I will adjust the instances of 808 to “Sub Bass” in the wiki (just for you). Hopefully nobody changes it back though, as that could very well happen.

Although, I’d think calling it a “Casio” would confuse people as opposed to calling it an “808” which is more recognizable in terms of production.