Auxy Sound Wiki


Write in Markdown and host on Github?


Looks really cool now


Working on something like that. If you have any idea let me know


Add @mrserpent as a featured track for Slope?


Working on it.


@blakkaz @stereofield @TheRealJFalc

I reformatted it using markdown! If you guys want to go forward with this, reply to this post. GitHub will allow people to open issues, make pull requests (edit requests), and have a generally more organized way to maintain it.

IF this goes forward, @TheRealJFalc and moderators, send me your GitHub usernames so that I can add you guys as collaborators on the repository


It might be worth collaborating with @stereofield to make use of the work he has done on utilising Github Pages.


Thank you to everyone who has suggested things for the project here! I will be looking at this tomorrow for sure, just trying to unwind after a long day at work here x3

also need to create a github account that isn’t the one i used at school and doesn’t have my real full name on it


Perfect way to suggest a track. Since it’s not your own track you could feel free to add it in though ;3

In addressing @shadowofunicorns, I saw your replies through my email, and you’re 100% right. This does belong on the forum as well as on a better-formatted wiki page. That’s why, as much as possible, it will be mirrored. ^w^

I’ll get on github later today once I eat my breakfast.


Maybe get Auxy to put up a Public Wiki?
After all, it’s their product you’re supplementing.

As a side-note… Would be great if Auxy added search support to the app.
It’s already more than needed for the drums kits library, but will only be even more needed as the melodic library grows.


Alright, so I have created a github profile for using Github as a mirrored host for the wiki. @stereofield and @Hum4n01d I request access to the repositories you both have, as I am not sure which one should be used going forward.

Also, as @akabillposters stated, it would be smart for Auxy to have a public wiki for this stuff. @lenberg or @Fredrik could either of you take the few minutes necessary to do this? If not, what are the reasons behind not having it hosted by Auxy?


Drum kit section please?


If you’re willing to contribute to that, I’ll add one in. Truth be told I’m absolutely atrocious on drums… so uh yeah xD


Ok then, i’ll start with ledge.


I think this will be the right sort of thing to start on for the drum kits as well.


Uhhh… I can’t quite get it to work. Do you know how to fix it?
sorry I’m really bad at this


It’s been fixed. It seems like the three dashes were changed to something else, preventing the formatting from working. No worries though! ^w^


Ok that’s what I thought. On my IPad mini, it automatically changes 2 dashes to this —


Heads up, some details on Stress contradict each other


Forgot to edit that when I was fixing up the details x3 you could just change it too you know, that’s the whole point of a public wiki that people can edit. Catching people’s mistakes and fixing them up ^w^