Auxy sound presets for Mac/PC

Hello, Disco Users!
I am using Auxy more than a year. It is very good but the problem is that I want to have Auxy sound presets for Mac because I want to edit the midi in Logic Pro X and to have Auxy sounds. I know there was a post about Auxy app on Mac/PC, but I only want the presets. I heard that @stereofield had presets for EXS24. So please, if someone has Auxy sounds for Kontakt or for EXS24 please reply to this post and please send the link to the files.

I don’t have Logic, but in Ableton, I loaded the Auxy sounds into samplers and just use them that way.

Such a useful advice!!! And I forgot that I also have Ableton Live 10 :slight_smile:

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Fwiw, it’s likely you can do the same in Logic Pro X.

(Just out of curiosity, did you really actually buy Logic Pro X - and just forget that you had recently bought the €80-600 Ableton Live 10 software too?

Even to me, as someone who often buys ‘not cheap! stuff without thinking, this sounds ‘unusual’.) :wink:

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If you’re looking for some of the sounds from the Destiny AP, you can purchase extremely similar sounds and much more for Serum using this. In addition, the sounds from The Future AP can be mostly located here (Haven’t gotten this one though).Serum’s pretty great. I’ve never heard of Kontakt before, nor EXS24, maybe because I don’t use Logic as I don’t use a mac xD

Your best bet is to try and recreate the sounds. There’s a good chance that the exact sounds are not allowed to be ripped from the app and that’s part of a licensing agreement. Legal speak for “don’t do that”. Recreating it, as far as i know, is legal (@akabillposters please correct me if i’m wrong)

It might be a little time consuming, but it would be easy to export out the sounds you were interested in as multi-samples for your chosen sampler.

I’ve also considered creating a ‘custom synth’s by filling a drum kit with multi-samples, but by that point it just seems like I’d be taking the long route by not simply using Ableton for that part.

What did you do with them that you couldn’t do directly in Auxy?

(Honest question)

I have not enough money to even buy an Auxy subscription, so all the staff I use is cracked.

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I assumed it was something like that. (Tut tut).

Be aware, at least one member here works for one of the companies whose software you’re pirating.




I should also mention that it’s not really legit to take the sounds out of Auxy and spread them in order to get around paying fot the stuff that we’ve put a lot of work into. Of course it’s fine if you sample things for yourself though, or if you use the sampled sounds as a complement to using Auxy.