Auxy running on Mac or Windows


I’ve been wondering if it’s a good idea to have Auxy available for PC (Mac, Windows, and maybe Linux). And the best part it, it’s free (Of course you still have the APs)!

But the problem is, how do you restore the packs to PC?
Well, that leaves me to bring up a topic of creating Auxy Accounts (And using the accounts we have for Disco). There’s a discussion of that here (thanks to @Michael_Raskin for the explanation of why we need something like this): How about Auxy accounts!? Basically, when you buy an AP pack, it’s automatically linked to your Disco account, and you can restore it anywhere, for iOS to PC, Mac to Android (I heard there’s gonna be an Android version soon :wink:), PC to Mac, and so on.

Now, a few cons. One, PCs don’t have 3D touch (Why would they in the first place?! :joy:), but it’s not exactly necessary. And, it might take Lenberg a bit of a while to do the ports, since him and the team might be working on other innovative ideas for Auxy. Other than that, I don’t really see any other problems.

Here’s one benefit in my opinion: At least I’ll have a DAW I can easily work with on my PC, because I don’t have any good ones on mine ._.
Other than that, Auxy for PC sounds pretty cool

Auxy on computer?

So you don’t have a daw on pc that you like so you want to put the daw on your phone or iPad on your PC so that you can have a daw you like on pc? And the benefits are: no 3D Touch and: it’s on pc?


Heh thanks for showing everyone my topic :call_me_hand:t3: :joy:


I can already tell you that this is an incredibly long way off. The developers have already said that their “team” of two is spread pretty thin as it is, and they just don’t have enough people to work on every thing that we might want, plus the point of auxy is kind of so that we can have a DAW on mobile.


@lenberg and @Fredrik could hire more people, but the problem is that Auxy might be oversaturated with unessesary things that that no one wants…


Also, they’ve definitely expressed their desire to keep Auxy limited to mobile devices. That’s the whole point of the app. A portable music studio that anyone can learn to use.


Hm. Makes sense.


You do have a point there


I said that. you should check out my comment about it I give a good explanation on why we need it.


Yeah, I know, maybe I should add that up there


I mean… I use Auxy and then I import the instruments’ audio into FL Studio. Also, I record stuff on my PC and then I import into FL Studio for better mastering tools than garageband.


I don’t see how auxy would be able to compete with fl studio and other DAWs. For pc I like fl studio even tho I have the demo lol but auxy is outstanding on the phone as it is


I mean it doesn’t have to be a DAW. I’m not saying I support Auxy for PC, but what if it was a synthesizer/sound bank like Nexus?


Wait… in order to set up Auxy accounts you would need to set up a credit card number and maybe repurchase all of the packs…


Some PC moniters and laptops are touchscreen now by the way xDDDD.


I’ve been personally exporting Auxy samples and importing them into EXS24, a Logic Pro sampler (helped with by @ToxicCaves64)


Doesn’t have to… it’s different criteria


The way I see it personally. If you use a PC or Mac Daw and Auxy. Auxy is like a super advanced plugin that is mobile and cuts technicality corners. It’s capable of producing full, quality tracks… and also has the functionality of exporting into your daw (with a bit of extra but easy work). Wanting Auxy to be on pc or android pretty much defeats its purpose. If you wanna work on a PC, just get a full functional DAW, there are plenty on the market. Cubase, FL, Logic, Ableton, Garageband… each one caters to personal taste(which ever organizes best to your brain, or doesn’t hurt your eyeballs), because frankly they all do the same damn thing almost.
Good luck out there!


Thats not necessarily correct.
PayPal allows sellers to off-load the payment handling. All Auxy would need is payment. PayPal would be the part associated with an actual card or similar.

The question of APs would be resolved by some kind of secure identification to connect the previous and new purchases to a single user.
(There’s no way that an Auxy app for PC/Mac would go ahead without a plan for that.)

Leveraging the disco accounts might offer an option, but tbh, I get the impression that this forum, at least the choice of platform might be a little arbitrary and that a fresh start on a more permanent home might be considered. More likely would be to create app user accounts that are completely separate from the disco accounts. There’s no functional overlap between the app and the forum, so any combining of account info would be for (member/user) convenience only.

For Mac OS, it would remain relatively simple as both MacOS and iOS app stores use the same Apple ID account.

I’m not familiar enough with Windows and how IAPs work, but it’s likely that a PayPal-type abstraction could/would be used. But, it’s possible that the Apple ID account mechanism could also be used- similar to how iTunes for Windows works.


And therein lies why Auxy for PC is very desirable! My son is creating music like crazy with Auxy. It makes sense to him. But we haven’t been able to find any PC software like it with a similar workflow.

What PC based software is most like Auxy with respect to look, feel, workflow? He has spent many hours with his controller, various soft synths, and various DAWs and had nothing to show for it because the workflow isn’t as intuitive for Auxy-like work/capabilities.

Thank you,