Auxy reposts break?

So Auxy hasn’t reposted a track in 19 days… and I was just wondering… don’t know how to put this but when the next round is gonna be? Janitors you can probably shut this down because it isn’t too relevant to music creation but I was just wondering.

Sorry if there is a perfectly good reason and I am just being annoying and impatient ( but, I was just wondering.


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At this point in time the developers are mostly inactive as far as community interaction and updates, so it’s no surprise that their SoundCloud channel is also inactive.

It’s unclear when the hiatus will cease, but at this point it’s safe to assume that the activity coming from them will be very staggered and inconsistent if anything.

If you’re interested in curated music from the auxy community, I’d recommend you look to the official Auxy Collective SoundCloud as it has a consistent schedule of music curated by the community. You can find information about it by searching for the disco post.


Thanks! :upside_down_face:

I wonder if they’re busy watching the world cup…


World Cup >>>> Auxy Community

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What else is new?

This is why the task should be handled by someone else, or a group of people.

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