Auxy Orchestra/Orchestration

Hey everyone! Here are some tips for auxy orchestration and orchestra with strings that I’ve found out over the years ive been making. I have Just posted a large Orchestral Soundtrack I’ve been creating for the past few years. Click the link at the bottom of this whole message to check it out for lots of examples and inspiration. Grasslands by AMA | Free Listening on SoundCloud

To start off make your tracks in the key of D or F# cause those keys have the most realistic octaves when it comes to the strings (specifically cello section, which I use as violin, viola, and cello).

The string is made by recorded one string and sort of tuning it into all the other notes. so, there is only a few and specifically one open good sounding string. therefore, one octave and especially one string will sound the most realistic. that being the case, use cello section for most of the string stuff. what I do a lot of the times is put a string in one octave and see how it sounds, then turn the pitch automation down and raise your note or notes up to the next octave. It’s the same note but the designee of the sound may sound better. then you can build your chords off that. the lower notes just sound the most realistic and you will notice that if you go to high in the platform. next, turn the reverb 95% up because that’s going to make the string sound more spacious and realistic. Then use a lot of panning, but never pan all the way to one side of the ear, the most you should pan is around 55% to 60% and use a slow bpm. mostly 100.
then stack your layers as always and have good chord progressions and melodies. That’s how your going to get the most out of it.

Now for auxy piano stuff. Use the noir piano with reverb at 100% for your high notes, because noir has the most realistic notes for high. then use the grand piano for low notes because grand has the most realistic low notes. if you want an example of this listen to my ITJ annihilation remix and at the break there is an orchestra section.

When it comes to Horns…. They suck, I’m sorry but it’s true auxy tuned the horns terribly. I would try to avoid them but if you want, I will only use the bright trombone. This can give you a nice war/medieval feel great for battle scenes. And its decently tuned.

Well I hope this helps and the big thing to take away is that the key of the song changes the overall sound of the instrument a ton. With orchestra in a DAW its always just going to take patients and alottttt of time. I put three years into this album so please go check it out!! Really would love the support!

The Lost Orchestra (Soundtrack) by AMA | Free Listening on SoundCloud