Auxy on other platforms?


Which phone r u using?

My se and 4 still have great battery


iPhone 6s. Every time I complain about my phones battery, someone with an iPhone 4 tells me they have great battery. It’s never someone with a 5 though. Maybe I should get one.


lol well it was back in 2010. Apple had some good stuff.

But iphone 4 cant run auxy so there’s that problem. I just use it as an mp3 player at this point and a few games that lost support throughout the years.
also interesting is that I actually prefer the headphone jack location on the 4 because it sat more comfortably in my hand too.


I agree, I used to be fond of Apple because they made genuinely great products, everyone can use it.

The problem now is that yeah, anything Apple makes is easy to use, but you got other companies who innovate faster than Apple by a large margin, not to mention for a cheaper price. Nowadays Apple is heading towards the rich-people route. Even the AirPods kinda go into the mindset of any Apple user ignoring any Android user.

Yes, we can get a “budget” iPhone, but that display is enough for me to kill myself, especially since other lower priced budget phones have 1080p screens for a lower price. No need for marketing to tell me otherwise.

Like what’s so special about a sub-720p Liquid Retina Display when you have another phone that can output 1440p? I get it, optimization, but honestly, an auto weekly restart will do a job just fine.

That’s all for me tho


I mean… I expect a $1.1k phone to actually work all the time…


Yeah, every new phone basicly gets just a bigger screen and a slightly better camera.


It’s one of the reasons I think why Apple’s still wondering why they aren’t selling more iPhones than expected.


I would expect so too :smile:


I feel like that’s just been most flagship phones last 2 years or so tbh. there’s only so much you can cram into something that mostly “fits” in your pocket, so all you can really do at this point is to change a small thing and call it “innovating”.


Yeah, pretty much.


I feel like this topic should be closed or just purged at this point because we’re so off track from the original post at this point


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Modern problems require modern solutions

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