Auxy on other platforms?


well yeah, if you have the code you could just remake the app yourself like with anything coded. But why go through the trouble?
I could remake/copy the code for Smash Bros and have my own version, or i can just spend $60 and get an actual a working copy.


It’s not remaking, it’s downloading the app, and customizing it, then adding a Verified Signiture To the app.


I have more fun using Android than iOS sooo…


i use an android because i know it wont be slowed down, i can actually browse files, and the list goes on… i only got an IPad so i could use Auxy.

Pretty sure this whole “android is bad” thing was pushed by Apple anyway


Android is bad mostly for privacy and security reasons


That seems to not be the main argument anyway. From what I’ve seen, Android is less secure because it’s more “open source”.

Honestly both apple and android are fine, but god damn apple stuff is way over the top expensive. And it’s not even worth the money. We all know that we only use our phones for music and memes anyway


The flagship Android phones aren’t really much cheaper though, right? I don’t have a platform preference really, but I think price wise they’re pretty in line with each other (when you’re talking major brand, flagship devices).

As I clutch my $349 iPhone SE :skull_and_crossbones:


You can always get less expensive products if you want, but you buy Apple, you’re probably wanting the best (assuming you like Apple products)


according to my advanced research (google) The latest Samsung is about 750$, and the newest a Iphone is 1.4k$. Some rumors say the very newest android will be 1.1k$ (Just after a quick search on google)

Up to personal preference I guess!


Well u can get the cheaper iPhone for $750.


The resolution on that thing makes me want to die though


^^^ for sure. I was gonna pick up a Shield tablet but they got discontinued :frowning:


Current resolution on my SE is pretty sad too, but I’ll just wait a year or so and get the Xs for like 1/2 off when they put out the new one (as with any phone)


Lmao rip


I’m in the same boat. Though, I’m super cheap with phones, I’ll probably just get the iPhone 8 or whatever is the cheapest one cause I use iPad for music primarily.


Yeah, I’m using a six right now


I had a 6, the battery went kaput and I’m such a moron I didn’t think to just go to Apple store for replacement so I bought this tiny baby phone arggh. I woulda loved to just keep the 6, it was fine.


My battery’s is so bad, I have to use a charging case just to keep it alive for a normal amount of time. I think they are doing it on purpose. or they just have really bad battery life


Petition to rename this thread to Top 10 Anime Battles – Apple vs Android edition.

Minute #1


Dang and they just had that deal for $27 replacement batteries instead of like $50

(Cook/apple was pretty salty about that loss of revenue XD)