Auxy on other platforms?


I think Auxy is a great app, but i wish that it was compatible with either PC and Android or even both.

Does anyone know if the developers are working on this /

What are your thoughts?

Should it remain an only OS app?


This question comes up from time to time. I’d say don’t hold your breath.

Fundamentally, Android is still plagued with all kind of audio latency issues. The fact Auxy doesn’t have a playing surface and doesn’t record audio is a +1 in the cross platform bucket, but you’re talking two totally different platforms where I’d imagine there are iOS specific dependencies coded into Auxy. These things just don’t translate to Android.

You’d also be forking development, potentially slowing down development of core features. No thanks to that, hard pass. Could also mean twice as long to fix bugs.

As far as a desktop version, it might be possible to port to Mac relatively painlessly since a lot of the framework between the platforms is shared, but why? It’d be another code base to support and Auxy is supposed to be a mobile studio. Go to - what are the first words you see immediately?

Android doesn’t have a lot of options, admittedly. There are much more comprehensive offerings on the desktop. Just my two pence.


I’ve also heard that coding Android apps is hard - there has to be one version made for every Android manufacturer.


Don’t think that’s accurate, but coding for android is completely different from coding for iOS. There are cross platform options but regardless it would involve a rewrite of the entire app from the ground up, which is a lot of work. That’s not to say that it isn’t possible, but the devs have previously stated that cross platform compatibility is not planned or wanted


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100% agree with everything @icsleepers said. tl;dr There’s a very low likelihood that it’s coming to Android. If you’re looking for a nice music making app on Android, I would recommend you look at Caustic 3, where you can pick up an extremely powerful music making studio that is cross platform between desktop and mobile platforms.

Generally speaking, Android isn’t as decked out for audio heavy applications due to internal limitations in the operating system. However, the occam’s razor as to why an Android build of Auxy hasn’t been tackled is that for a team of 2ish with maybe 1 focusing mainly on developing, it’s simply not viable to undertake a fork of that scale. Natively writing an app on two operating systems involves re-writing a large amount of app code for each operating system, effectively duplicating work to mirror results on both OSes (and in turn cutting time that could be used for adding new features).

As @Hum4n01d said, there are frameworks that offer much more streamlined ways to write reusable cross platform code but those frameworks have to be adopted early on if not the very beginning which unfortunately cuts Auxy as a potential candidate.


This question has been brought up many times.
No I don’t believe auxy is coming out on any other os.


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Caustic VERY good, I used it for a bit. A lot of people call it a poor man’s Gadget even though I’m pretty sure Caustic came first. That’d be my pick if I was on Android, followed VERY BEGRUDGINGLY by FLStudio mobile.


The Mixvibes stuff looks pretty good.


A good alternative on Android! Reminds me of Launchpad which isn’t a bad thing.

It’s a shame the offerings on the platform are so limited, cause there’s things it can just do better (namely file system and storage options, plus mouse support)


Just in case anyone wasn’t sure



LOL with the exclamation


Well, people never seem to get it… :slight_smile:

To add to this, we’re working on some stuff to bridge the gap between Auxy and desktop apps like Ableton. So we’re more interested in what’s possible to do in that area than workin on Android at the moment. But we would love to do Android if we had the resources etc.


Ahem. I use android


Have things improved at all on the audio front? Any newer apps aside from Caustic (which is good! Just I think it’s abandoned :/). The Launchpad ish one Blakkaz posted looks cool I don’t have an Android device to test any of this stuff though


I wish I could help. Maybe others are willing to outsource?


This is where it’s at. To date, no one has really done this yet and been successful. Whoever does this first is gonna be in a good position. Propellerheads have a chance but they’re moving really slow. Gadget does it but it was a mobile app first so I don’t think that counts. The way FL Studio Mobile does it right now is kind of jank (literally the mobile version opens up inside of FL Studio desktop).




Well, if you’ve ever encountered a hacked iOS game, it’s just a copy of the game with their code. My idea is that really anyone could add their own things into Auxy knowing the code and how the app works (well time obviously). My point is anyone can add their code to the app, it’s just probably not worth the effort as the devs already have experience with the app, and they seem more proficient. Just an idea tho lol