Auxy not working

Whenever I use auxy it plays for a little bit then goes silent. I’ve tried everything and now I can’t use auxy. Any help would be appreciated

Reboot device, failing that, from in the app send support email to

Also, worth making sure background audio and link are turned off. Link makes things a little wonky sometimes with audio cutting out (in my experience, only using it with other apps, but who knows)


It didn’t work

I wish I could post a video of what’s happening but I can’t

Definitely shoot an email over to the support address then. They’re gonna want the log file that gets attached I’d imagine


After updating to iOS 13, Auxy gained a ton of bugs. Definitely email the devs through the support screen in Auxy since that provides log files to help get rid of some of those newly introduced bugs.


The problem fixed itself thank you to everyone who tried to help

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