AUXY Motorcycle?

Hey guys!

In the new track I’m making, I wanted to have a unique sound effect at the beginning.
By using the future AP and playing around with the pitch you can actually make a sound effect that is pretty close to a motorcycle.

Here it is!

Now you know.
Auxy isn’t just for music and maybe there are other kinds of sound effects you can make?

This is the track I used it in

Hope you enjoy!


I’m a car person so I shall make this sound more motorcycly

Kudos to you, @Otzsil.

Interesting to hear how the sounds can be used in non-standard ways.

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Nvmd I failed :joy:. I could get it realistic enough for my taste

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Turn the reverb all the way up and I think it sounds more realistic :wink: @LimeZ

Tried it but put reverb at 3/4

Oh my god😂 Thats pretty amazing man

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Thanks man!
Auxy is limitless

can I try and make a song out of this?


Could not*

Couldn’t is a word

I don’t understand what you mean lol

I made a bunch of different sound effects

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Lmao i was joking man

Oh ok lol that makes sense

This is great, thanks!!

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That bell sound actually gave me the chills.

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