Auxy Jam Review


I made a review on Auxy Jam. I highly enjoy it, but do have a suggestion which I go on a respectful business oriented rant about. Great selection of sounds. It’s simple and beautiful.


Thanks and great to see your passion for helping us making the right things!

I see you have written quite a lot about this, including an App Store review, and the essence of your feedback seems to be that this app needs more advanced export features and a stronger connection to Auxy Pro. While I can see why this could be interesting for you, I want to emphasize that this app is not intended for advanced music makers and longtime Auxy users. We want to keep this app fun and simple and limited in scope. Being able to send projects to other apps is not important for this app we think.

I have read all your feedback and it would be helpful if you could maybe simplify your App Store review a bit. Talking about 2012 and advanced export options will probably seem very confusing to someone who finds this app for the first time today. :pray:


It seems like a lot of people are missing the purpose of the app… as evidenced by the comments on the release page.

Auxy Jam is, in essence:

This means that its intention is not to be a fully fledged mobile music DAW as Auxy Studio / Pro does; instead its purpose is to introduce new musicians be it individually or in an educational setting to electronic music production in a self contained application (self contained meaning it is not meant to be used in tandem with other music production apps, mobile or otherwise. In fact this is so much the case that one of the hallmark features of the old app, MIDI export, was removed in favor of simplicity).

Which makes sense, as otherwise it would just be a duplicate of Auxy Pro and serve no unique purpose as a standalone app.

Perhaps you would be better suited reviewing the pro app as there’s significantly more potential for new (and potentially advanced) features to be added.


A dilution of the brand if projects have no backup or bridge as a path for a one time purchasers to become a life long subscriber when there is still a plug (advertisement) for the Auxy Pro app in Auxy Jam. Great app, but it’s not for me, simply put. This is not the exact original because different sounds were added so where is the line drawn? I couldn’t imagine investing any time into something without proper backup options. Maybe I and my friends were always a step above other kids, but I was the type that needed my metadata to show proper dates on my images from my Kodak Point and Shoot when importing to Windows Live Photos around the film to digital transition & kids today are demanding of tech too. This seems like a one time use demo app where you’ve gotta upgrade to Auxy Studio if you want to properly save projects at all and that’s a disservice to Auxy Jam because the format is different enough to be enjoyable on it’s own, but not when it cannot accommodate the needs of 2019 users because it presents a ceiling. Auxy has always been about possibilities and since you apparently have to be a certain age or skill level to have your time invested into an app be respected when these projects could actually end up meaning a lot to people who are creating their 1st songs I say: okay. I’m going to leave my app review 5 stars cuz it hurts my heart to see app developer’s work get disrespected, but this app is such a cool format I cannot use or recommend because even the simplest of user will not write a document in a text editor that only saves documents in flat JPEG format. All due respect. This is no rant, simply an opinion.

I personally think that the features of Auxy Pro are a big enough step up from Jam that a lot of new producers might want to scrap their old Jam projects entirely if they switched. A long time ago, I used GarageBand (different account, long story), and when I accidentally found out about Auxy, I didn’t really care that I was leaving GB and all of those projects behind, because Auxy fit my use case so much better. It might not be that way for everyone, but it was for me anyway.

Some people don’t see early work the same way I do, but I find some of the most uninhibited moments are created during the early phases of exploration & while I have not kept every early project, you take your seeds and you water them everyday until they grow into fruit bearing plants. Not everyone will agree and that is wonderful to have your own working method that you enjoy too.

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