Auxy Jam is currently free

Auxy Jam is currently free!




That’s great hooray!!

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Yes we know. This is to cheer up kids who are stuck at homes or hospitals to spread music joy.

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Okay bro jeez thanks to corona we got Auxy jam for free I mean what can go wrong? And also the corona is the goddamn worst


Why are you mad?


I think it’s because of the way you said “Yes we know”, sort of dismissing his excitement


Thank you for understanding all of us namaste hope you stay safe and have a blessed time.

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I guess oof

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Where is Wind. It’s not Auxy Classic without Wind

Good on the developers for this. Although having tried Auxy Jam it really feels more of a hollow experience than I first remember it being. Perhaps I’m a little cynical nowadays.

True but wind is not a sound or bass yet in the Pro version if they added a sound or bass called wind they might add it in jam

There was a another Auxy app before this one (“this one” being Auxy Pro). I’m guessing that Wind was a sound in the previous version.

Wind was part of the original Auxy Classic sounds, which the Devs have stated before they have no intention of using. The only ones to make it out of that stage of the app were Doodle, Kiss and Twig, and possibly one other one. Arguably, Wind was the best synthesizer sound for the app. It was featured in the original trailer.

This video features it, however the sound was called Lover for some reason. Perhaps I’m misremembering it a little bit.

EDIT: This video demonstrates how the synth sounded in the final version of the app. It’s a better indication of how the synth actually sounded.

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Lol I love that demo

It was called like wind something right?

The sound from that trailer was almost exactly the same, but it was hard to tell without it playing just by itself.

You’re right. Damn I should’ve known that but it’s changed now and I wish they added it back

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Not to mention they have no intention to add back MIDI control like the original one had. It was already there, why take it out? But then again, when would fixing something that isn’t broken make any sense? obvious sarcasm is obvious

Or they should make a event where they add the old Auxy jam sounds back in auxy pro only for a limited time!! Well for some reason they have to get the old Auxy jam names so I can look like it’s a event. Or they can make a sound pack called “Auxy Jam” which can conclude some sounds & basses from old Auxy jam. Including the drums. I hope they add that back.