Auxy Jam competition

I have a challenge for you.

Make at least 4 loops for each instrument in Auxy Jam. Mix them together any way you want, pick any instruments. Make a 1:30 length song out of your loops. Share it on a Reddit post and share the link here.

There’s some awesome prizes for the top 3!

Winner: 2 drum packs (10 kits total), 1 melodic pack (4 pads total)
Runner-up: 1 drum pack (5 kits), 1 melodic pack (4 pads)
3rd: 4 pad instruments

Auxy Jam is free to download for iPad users! Have fun with this contest! Submissions due by June 11th.

Reddit is also free to download for iPhone and iPad.

To upload an audio file to Reddit, try uploading the audio file to the Files app. Then, access it in the Reddit app or on the website.

The challenge is almost over! These prizes are exclusive to this challenge.