Auxy Jam - An Updated Version of Our Classic iPad App

Okay here is the OG program. Similar to Auxy Jam. Just different instruments. (;

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Thank you so much for this Auxy!

I noticed that scrolling along the back of the piano roll now just takes one finger, like in the main Auxy, this is much easier :smile:

@GR3Y i wanted to answer this from the other topic, that one’s closed so I’ll answer here - I have the old app and just got this one too (it’s more suited to where I’m at in making music :blush:)

I think this app might not fit the need of doing work on current projects in the main Auxy app. Here are some of the differences when it comes to that:

  • you record songs live by tapping on loops (rather than arranging them by scenes in the regular Auxy)

  • the selection of both sounds and effects is a lot smaller – it will probably not have most of the sounds from your current Auxy projects, and you might have seen in the screenshots, there are only 3 knobs for each instrument

  • and you can only have max 4 instruments in one project (one of which can only be from the drum kits, one of which can only be from the basses, and the other two can only be from the leads/pads/plucks and keys)

I would say this app is probably more suited for when you’re stuck on ideas. Hope this helps


cool! yeah, naming it auxy pro would be cool. auxy pro, auxy advanced, auxy+, big boi auxy, idc.



What is confusing? Auxy Jam is a simple app for making some music. Not connecting MIDI keyboard or exporting MIDI to other apps. There are plenty of DAWs for this so we don’t want to complicate the app with a lot of features that the intended audience won’t use.


okay maybe forget midi export to other apps, but what about project export of loops without scenes to your own app: Auxy Studio?? Where you could get a one time Auxy Jam app purchaser to be a lifelong subscriber of Auxy studio. With no iCloud backup or project backup the Auxy Jam projects stay inside a sandbox where if the iPad breaks- goodbye all projects unless you had a full iPad backup of the entire device. I know what creative kids want because I was a creative kid not long ago. I was 13 around the release of the 1st iPad in 8th grade and everyone said get a Mac, iPad is useless. iPad was limited in ability to grow a project. The kids then were competitive and creative as they are now, conquering TikTok. Kids love simplicity and limitation, but not permanent restrictive limitations that will stop their seed of an idea from growing into a billboard charting hit. Whether that is in their imagination or has basis in reality. If it constricts their imagination to know 100% their creative efforts are not being put in a place with potential to grow them into someone like their fave artist, they may put their energy elsewhere.


idea to simplify my other response

no midi export from Auxy Jam
no project export to send out solo either

BUT in Auxy Jam if the iPad detects Auxy Studio on the same iPad or Apple ID account (so that iPhones will not be excluded) add an “Open in Auxy Studio” option and there in that more advanced app we have our midi export and project export options so Auxy Jam stays super simple!

Being that many Auxy Jam sounds are only on Subscription Auxy Studio I will need to subscribe to tweak my sounds. Sounds like a new CU$TOMER. It’s not bad. It’s business and there is MAJOR VALUE in your product. Please make upgrading easy for anyone that gets close to your brand!


Ya’ll put so much passion, love, energy, and attention into your products and it really shows. Ya’ll are always excited to show us new releases and we sometimes come back with judgement right away. I hope you know regardless of the constructive criticism we really love and appreciate your product because it enriches our lives as creatives and gives more depth and meaning to our art! :heart:


The original iPad auxy was a very clever app and I still use it because for me, it is a better tool than the new auxy in the early stage of song creation where I need to go very quickly to build an idea. When the new Auxy appeared, I was not satisfied because it brought a lot more sounds and tools to make more perfect songs, but I lost this real time spontaneous creation which was for me the real interest and genius of auxy. I understand that Auxy jam is the same tool as my old auxy with new sounds (?), sound engine and background new software… Why isn’t it considered as an upgrade of my old auxy still working very well : I don’t see at the moment why I should move… we’ll see. A suggestion : don’t consider auxy jam as a first low version of auxy, but think it as an advanced tool for early stage creation of sketches, and think of new features in this direction (chords creation, patterns, etc…)… I already wrote this by the time, but No one heard me, so not many chance, but ok…


This app has good sounds and I love it but why hell did you remove the capacity to export the tracks in midi from ??? this makes it unusable for my intended use… Could you put it back ??? Or give the possibility to convert tracks to auxy if you’re afraid that users never jump to auxy ???

I am going considering to get reimbursed because this is a to important regression from original app, thx for your answer…


They removed it because this app is designed for beginners to music making, who probably won’t know what MIDI even is. It would be neat to see in the regular Auxy app though

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I have a two minute sample from the OG program to share with you.

Thanks crystldawnmusic, I saw this answer in an upper comment also, but to me this is not a good reason, because even beginners may like to export their work to other software, and more experienced people may like auxy jam on their Ipad and have a daw at home… Without midi export the tool stays very limited to me… When Henrik has an idea, he doesn’t move easily :slight_smile: Have a good weekend…

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Oh there is MIDI export in the regular app, Export Project > Export MIDI, yeah Jam doesn’t have MIDI export though, for that reason stated^^

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I AGREEEEEEEEEE AHHHHHHHHHH. I feel the same with at least some form of real export.

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In general, I actually think I’m actually pretty flexible with changing my mind. :slight_smile: With most Auxy things though, we’re usually stubborn because we either know more than the person telling us what to do (e.g. we have better data to look at), or we have at least spent a lot more time thinking about it.

I think this is valid feedback though so will consider bringing back some sort of MIDI export. It makes the app a better sketch pad for sure, which is a nice use case. Thanks!


Thanks very much Henrik ! You made a happy guy ! It’s Christmas soon…
All the best.


we appreciate the consideration! :cowboy_hat_face:

How do you export in auxy jam? Do you have a tutorial guide?

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Oh after you record a song, a window will pop up and you can export the render in .wav (but not anything else right now)