Auxy Jam - An Updated Version of Our Classic iPad App

“Big Brain Auxy” could be another one


Sorry I meant Antbrick’s question was confusing. He’s asking for midi out and then in the next breath asks to use a midi controller for input.

Man I wanna get this app so bad. But I have a question first. @Auxy, if you are already elite in Auxy Pro, it wouldn’t hurt to just fiddle around with it or something?

But I do not have Auxy Jam…

Oh it’s a new app (rather than an update to the green app. the green app is no longer available on the App Store)

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I know.

Ah ok sorry I was confused :sweat:

It’s okay

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I have a question. If Auxy Pro is stronger than Auxy Jam, then why does Auxy Jam cost 8 dollars?

Auxy Jam doesn’t require a subscription and it’s targeted towards a younger demographic/towards those who want to be able to use Auxy in a live situation.

The devs made it clear that Auxy Jam is for a different demographic to begin with.

Refer back to the main post for more details, just in case you have any more questions


But who knows Auxy has a subscription?

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Literally everyone who used Auxy


But people will get this instead because it says free.

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Usually people read a bit about the app, or the reviews before downloading an app (I think it’s a fairly common practice although I might be wrong.) When they do that, they will probably see that it talks about the subscription in the app’s description, and about a quarter of the reviews are people that complained when it went from free to a subscription model. So that is how people might see that the app is not actually free.


O ok

Sorry for the late response, but could you have just named this app something like “Auxy Classic”?

By the way guys :smile:, it’s free right now,

You should add in old sounds like dribble, cross, drip, wind, leap Kit, and others

For other people:
Speaking of Auxy Classic, which are your favorite sounds from Classic? What did you think of Auxy Classic’s sounds?