Auxy Jam - An Updated Version of Our Classic iPad App

How do you export in auxy jam? Do you have a tutorial guide?

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Oh after you record a song, a window will pop up and you can export the render in .wav (but not anything else right now)

Btw if anyone hasn’t seen the newsletter update yet, Auxy Jam is half price until the end of the year, to celebrate its launch :smiley:

“Big Brain Auxy” could be another one


Sorry I meant Antbrick’s question was confusing. He’s asking for midi out and then in the next breath asks to use a midi controller for input.

Man I wanna get this app so bad. But I have a question first. @lenberg, if you are already elite in Auxy Pro, it wouldn’t hurt to just fiddle around with it or something?

But I do not have Auxy Jam…

Oh it’s a new app (rather than an update to the green app. the green app is no longer available on the App Store)

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I know.

Ah ok sorry I was confused :sweat:

It’s okay

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I have a question. If Auxy Pro is stronger than Auxy Jam, then why does Auxy Jam cost 8 dollars?

Auxy Jam doesn’t require a subscription and it’s targeted towards a younger demographic/towards those who want to be able to use Auxy in a live situation.

The devs made it clear that Auxy Jam is for a different demographic to begin with.

Refer back to the main post for more details, just in case you have any more questions


But who knows Auxy has a subscription?

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Literally everyone who used Auxy


But people will get this instead because it says free.

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Usually people read a bit about the app, or the reviews before downloading an app (I think it’s a fairly common practice although I might be wrong.) When they do that, they will probably see that it talks about the subscription in the app’s description, and about a quarter of the reviews are people that complained when it went from free to a subscription model. So that is how people might see that the app is not actually free.


O ok

Sorry for the late response, but could you have just named this app something like “Auxy Classic”?

By the way guys :smile:, it’s free right now,