Auxy Jam - An Updated Version of Our Classic iPad App

Today we’re releasing an updated version of our classic iPad app. :partying_face:

The reason we removed the original app back in 2016 is that we wanted to focus on developing the universal Auxy version with more features and sounds. Having the old app available in the store created a lot of confusion about which app to get and how they were different, so we decided to remove it for the time being. We think now is a good time to bring it back.

What’s new in Auxy Jam?

On the surface, the new app is essentially the same as the classic app. However, under the hood we have updated everything to work well on modern iPads and the latest version of iPadOS. This includes swapping out the old sound engine for a new on and adding a new collection of higher quality sounds.

Who is it for?

Note that Auxy Jam isn’t really for people who already use the normal Auxy, but we wanted to let you know so you don’t get confused and can help spread the word to less experienced music makers. The old app was very popular for kids and music education, and this is something we feel really happy about supporting.

Why is it released as a new app?

We decided to release this as a new app in order to not break anything for people who might still be using the classic app. For instance, we have removed the MIDI out features since they are just a distraction for the intended audience.

What about the price?

We decided to give it an upfront price and bundle all the included sounds with the app. This is mainly because it’s the most straightforward way to offer it and schools aren’t able to make in-app purchases.

Will there be updates?

The app will be maintained and there will potentially be some new sounds added over time. We don’t plan to add a lot of new features to it though, mainly because we think that its simplicity is what makes it great.

Where can I download it?

Hope you like it and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Ps. We’re considering changing the name of the normal Auxy to “Auxy Pro” in order to clarify the difference between the Jam and Pro versions. Let us know if you think that’s a suitable name or if you have other ideas for what it should be called!


Looks good (for the intended target audience). Hope there’s a good ROI (for however long it took to make the enhancements to the old app).


Absolutely Yes … Auxy Pro for the main app
Beginners can learn basic music theory from Auxy Jam and further when they decided to go deep into it they can shift to Auxy Pro


Sounds nice!

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But why another Auxy music app?

Read what Lenberg said at the top.


I don’t think the subscription is called Auxy Premium anywhere nowadays.


N o i c e. Interested to see if the app takes off in schoola, especially as they become more technology integrated.
Would have 100% taken a class called ”music production” or something with the app if I had a chance.

Personally I’m not a fan of calling the app “Pro” mainly because apple has oversaturated the market and slapped it on everything just because they can.

Maybe something that sounds more rounded though, because the regular app is supposed to be for everyone, not just “pro’s”.

Don’t have any words, but just my 2 cents on it.


How about Jam and Studio for the two different apps? I know it’s already called Auxy Studio in some places, but if the studio branding was a little more prominent it would be a good differentiator from Jam. I also think that the logos should look a bit more similar, maybe Jam could use the old blue or red Auxy logo from a long time ago. The classic one they have now is good but it has a totally different look than anything else Auxy makes today.


Guys, it’s currently sitting at 2 stars. That’s… nit good.


Auxy Pro Air XS Max

I dunno…


yes yes yes as long as the og demo is still there

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Bruh momento!

It’s like the first version of Auxy but in an other app

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This is pretty interesting! I never actually used the original app, I just started with the (I guess, “Pro,” now?) app, so I don’t really have much experience with it. I think this is a good idea, but I would leave the app at “Auxy Studio” instead of “Auxy Pro”. I’m not sure how well or to what degree this will be received in schools, though. If you’re reaching out to different schools or something to see if they want to try it or include it in their curriculum, that would be great. If not, I don’t think this would really reach the targeted group, outside of maybe one or two really passionate music teachers who happen to find out about the app. I would have loved middle school music class so much if we used something like this app, though, so I’m excited to see where it goes!


it’s a review from one guy who probably opened the app once


Will the universal Auxy ever be updated to allow midi out? I have an akai mini that I’d love to start using with this app


I love Auxy & I have NOT YET used Auxy Jam, but will be as a form of support to the business. This is a comment about how important MIDI export (which is noted as removed in the app description) & Project export to Auxy Jam on other devices and Auxy Studio on the same or other devices is (both of which I do not know availability of). I describe below why this is very important for customer conversion. I’m 23 and am putting myself in younger shoes to express what could benefit the app and Auxy brand. All constructive. Do what ya’ll think is best. :heart:

I have thoughts about the removal of MIDI out. Can I still export my project in any way? Can I export my project loops from Jam to Studio? Say i’m a student and I create really lit melodies. Don’t tell me I could only share the audio with myself via email and never work on the actual track again. I understand your intended audience, but if the intended audience is chillin at a school with wifi making tracks that happen to come out nicely they would have to recreate loops manually by taking screenshots of their piano roll and logging the notes into another DAW and there’s no guarantee it would be Auxy Studio. If i’m a kid at a school where we’re using Auxy Jam and I could easily export projects that could be expanded upon in Auxy Studio I would email myself all the projects because the school has provided a wonderful app, but they are not keeping my original work. In the same vein they could provide a computer for us to write essays on, but they still don’t own the original creative essays I write. Then knowing I could work on my projects with tons of sounds & more flexibility i’d likely proceed to ask my parents to pay for a subscription for me to use at home. If they say no, i’d keep my project files until I could get a prepaid card to put my allowance on and pay for it myself. Keep conversion in mind and add advanced export options. Not everyone may care, but you could make lifelong subscribers on Auxy Studio from those that do care. If I know I can never make more of the projects in Jam by expanding upon them in Auxy Studio or other DAWs i’ll save my good melodies for when I get home or jump straight to a competing app available to me. Schools have computers with other apps. Kids are getting more talented and more advanced younger. Keep a path very open because even kids identify with promises of growth versus toys. Apple sells iPods knowing that one day the same kid is gonna buy a Mac. Do not sabotage any process of evolution to your potential customers who don’t have money right now, but will.

I hope my feedback is valuable. :star2:


or by MIDI out did you mean out from Keyboard into Auxy? I was under the impression that there is no midi export FROM Auxy OUT to other apps.

Yeah this is kind of confusing. You can export a midi file out of Auxy, no you cannot play the instruments in Auxy with a midi keyboard. No you cannot control external apps or hardware from Auxy.

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