Auxy is Reposting Songs That Aren't Made in Auxy?

@Auxy, I’ve been noticing lately that there are a growing number of reposts on the official Auxy Soundcloud of songs which were either done partially in Auxy, with additional work in another program such as FL studio, or songs not done at all in Auxy. I was wondering if this is marking a shift away from pure Auxy reposts and more towards it being an outlet of community reposts, which begs some questions in and of itself, or a lack of awareness of some songs not being done within Auxy which was a presumed requirement for a repost. (This doesn’t include songs like Even Louder, as I don’t believe anything other than the vocal shenanigans were done outside of Auxy, but I could be wrong)

If this is the case, I was wondering if perhaps a new section of Tracks would be needed explicitly for non-Auxy tracks in the future.


I agree. We should keep the Auxy community an Auxy community. It’s also more fair to those who might not have access to stuff like FL Studio and are being outshone.

(but I think stuff with only added vocals is fine)


I’d also like more variation in genres. I enjoyed those piano ambient songs by for example: tatarat. It really showed the possibilities of auxy beyond edm.


I agree, more variety in genres reposted by Auxy would be great.


I think that showing that Auxy can cover a wide range of genres can attract more people to use Auxy.


I completely agree. Originally only the big people ever got reposts, but now it seems that anyone who has wub-wubs are reposted. I personally don’t do wubs because I feel they don’t fit the music I write. -shrug-