Auxy is awesome! Where do I go next?

Hello Auxy community.

First off, in no way am I taking a negative stance on Auxy and it’s capabilities. It is a wonderful tool. Also, sorry for the long rant.

With that said, I started using Auxy because I had to sell all of my music gear due to financial hardships about 5 years ago. I have been using it for 3/4 years now and it has got me back into making music and helped me make music that I did not know that I was capable of making.

I am no longer broke and I am trying to figure out where to go next. I purchased a MPC One 6 months ago after wanting the Polyend Tracker but the Tracker was sold out everywhere. I like the MPC One but I haven’t finished anything in the 6 months I have had it. Compared to finishing tracks in a couple of days on Auxy, I am somewhat frustrated.

I do not have any experience with Renoise but it strikes me as a more expansive version of Auxy but I do not own a computer and worry about all of the issues that come with compatability and updates. The polyend Tracker is something I think would be really cool but the 8 tracks is a bit limiting for me.

Do you have any recommendations or advice?

The one aspect of the MPC One that I do like is the simplicity of sequencing external gear. I have a Digitone and it is super easy to sequence notes. It is basically plug in and play.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Are you looking for quality music that you are going to produce or just wanting to be creative?

I am looking to grow in my production which is what spawned this question. I would like to learn how to create higher quality music.

I hate to break it to you bro but auxy would probably be the best daw you could ever use for quality music on a more professional level in iOS devices. how much are you willing to spend? the only way to fashionably make good quality music without spending a ton of money would be a daw on a computer. MPC Work magnificently with a good computer and are more of a tool in music not the whole shebang. Third partly plugins are where you find good quality in music.

That is the thing. I am trying to break away from IOS. One reason is for performance, a phone Isn’t that fun to use and I would like something separate from my phone that I make music on.

I am willing to spend around $600 in total at this point in time. Basically, I would sell the MPC One for some other platform.

I suggest you save up and buy a good computer. Thats how I finally got professional.

Nah. Auxy’s great, but will only get you so far.

There are more pro-oriented options available on iOS.

@Alfredfred, take a look through vids by Henny Tha Bizness on YT.
He does regular breakdowns of his iOS-centred music production as well as the midi controllers he uses.

There are others, like Taetro, who position their content as mobile music production, which is generally iPad-centred.

Don’t write-off iOS just yet. :wink:

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I do have a fondness for IOS and still use it a lot. As much as I enjoy writing with IOS, I miss the performance aspect. IOS doesn’t do it for me there.

I will probably stick with the MPC for now. Thanks for your input.

You don’t have to choose. You can hook up your MPC or any midi controller keyboard, pads, etc… to the iOS device.
The iOS device can simply serves as the DAW (e.g. BeatMaker 3) for capturing the audio/midi performance as you bring together the tracks of your composition. Or you can use m/any of the great music apps, including iMPC, instruments, synths, mix managers, mastering apps, fx, etc…

(There are plenty of reviews of the ‘best music production iOS apps for 2020/2021’ on YT. Maybe have a browse.)

Having your composition come together in a mobile device, such as an iPad Pro, gives you the clout you need, but equally importantly, the ability to fiddle and tweak on your couch without having to hook up external midi controllers/audio sources every time.


Ever heard of the Deluge?

A little more expensive than $600 but from what I’ve reviewed, a solid DAW-less, computer-less, all-in-one music box THAT you can import your own samples into.

ch ch ch ch ch check it out

I have tried approaching other IOS apps and Auxy is the only one that really clicked for me. I do well with a contained set up. Being able to import samples into Auxy and then compose everything around that using one app (device) really worked for me. The synth sounds were the only aspect that I wanted something different. That is why I started with the Digitone. It works really well for me.

I was hoping for that in the MPC One but it almost does too much. If I just use it for a sequencer and drum machine, I start to get somewhere.

The Deluge looks amazing. It was the first piece of hardware I was interested in. It reminds me of Auxy in the sense that you get a grid and that is about it. I went with the MPC because that was what I could afford.

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I hear ya, and agree 100%.
Making sound design more powerful in Auxy is, imo, the next necessary development milestone. Currently, sound design (and the overall quality of the sound packs, tbh) is a bit of a weakness (especially for an app badged as ‘Pro’).

Imo, as a workflow tool, it has few real competitors for rapidly getting ideas down and developed to a useful standard, on mobile or on desktop.

It’s just that last mile where it struggles to make itself a real end-to-end solution — making it a deal-breaking limitation for many seeking just that bit more power from an otherwise outstanding music production tool.

I had disabled my Auxy Pro subscription auto-renewal, fully intending to phase it out. But I haven’t got round to exporting the hundreds of fledgling and semi-developed projects as ALS. So, I’ve decided to renew for another year. The cost was always reasonable imo (and would happily pay more for more sound design control), but the convenience of having Auxy handy means it’ll likely be part of my workflow for another year at least.

(I tried the hardware route. It didn’t stick. And starting a project in Ableton doesn’t gel with how inspiration works for me.)