Auxy Instagram fan page

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot.
I’ve been using auxy for a long time now and I’m never going to loose touch. And honestly the developers have put in a lot of work. Auxy is like one of the best music production softwares out there.
Why not have an Instagram fan page for Auxy ? :grin:
If y’all interested do give out ur suggestions, we could make this happen.
Cheers :beers: Auxy


Tfw there is an Auxy instagram


Yea but not like a fan page.
Well that’s more like auxy news :grin:

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This could be something that’s done by us to honour Auxy🙌

I’m down. I’ve used Auxy for a while, enough to actually support them in this way at least.


I like the idea :slightly_smiling_face:

If ya make it I would support for sure

I don’t have an Instagram but it sounds cool


I’m all for it!

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Does it count if I have a music page and I’m a fan?

A music page dedicated to auxy?

I post a lot of my Auxy songs on there…so sort of. How would one have an Auxy fan page?

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Yea hmm. That’s why I’m asking for ideas.
What I’m thinking is that we could create one account where we all have a common password. And post auxy stuff. That would be interesting I guess.

Yeah maybe that would work! As long as we have some guidelines.


What is an “GramInsta”?

I’m-I’m facepalming right now, you just-you just can’t see it through the screen.