Auxy hit 3000 followers!


It would be interesting to properly measure the ‘Auxy bump’ that an Auxy repost generally has on tracks.

Currently, it seems that ~1 in 10 Auxy followers are playing their reposted tracks (based on a quick glance, a generous estimate and a couple of assumptions).


I hope Auxy can reach more

credible evidence alert


…love the modesty

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No no no I mean I hope auxy reaches more facepalms

Ah ok gotcha

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Unverified ≠ incorrect. :wink:

(The real figure is likely to be lower than 10%.)

I guess the thread title could have equally said…

“Auxy hit 300 listeners!”


I’d also be interested to measure the bump from being featured in the app.

It would be cool to try and track the analytics of a specific track before and after being reposted or featured. However, the only easy automated way I can think of is to use the SoundCloud API, and


That’s what I was talking about when I say ‘bump’. The impact/boost of an Auxy repost or app feed feature.


the only easy automated way I can think of is to use the SoundCloud API

Given how SC seem to be half-ar*ing a lot of what they do, I think it’s very unlikely that SC are tracking the source of plays, let alone surfacing it in the public API, either in the track data or in the account data.

It’s likely they’re only tracking the basic play count.

Even if they were tracking the source, it wouldn’t account for the indirect plays, where a repost has led a listener to visit the source page and then listens to a track.

To even get close, you’d need to access referrer and session data. And that kind of data is never going to be in the public API.

So, it’s unlikely that anyone, potentially even SC themselves, could get an accurate measure of a repost boost.

By contrast, I’d be surprised if Fredrik and Lenberg wasn’t tracking plays initiated in the app for featured tracks.

Of course, they’re unlikely to disclose that data.

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SoundCloud seems to be focusing more on broadening their analytics lately. They’ve recently made updates to Pulse, as well as added “# of plays from specific playlists”. If they continue, I think one of their next moves could be “# of plays from reposts” or something like that.

There is that, though, not to mention them being somewhat unpredictable. Who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Just noticed that Auxy Facebook has close to 2200 followers.
The most recent post was in Nov 2017.
They’ve made only three posts in the last 12 months.

Makes me wonder how much more successful they might be if they took marketing (incl. social) seriously.



For me, after a fresh set of reposts, it bumps up my plays per day to about 60-70, then dissipates back to around 25 plays a day after about 5 days. My reposted tracks have gotten around 25 likes. Really good ones for me get about 40. I have only 70 followers of my own so most of it comes from them.

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Yeah, social media is very important when growing a business. I’m pretty surprised that Auxy hasn’t done much with sm

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