Auxy + Groovbox

Does anyone else use Groovebox by Novation/amplify? They have some really sick Virtual analog style synthesizers, but UI is cramped, and with no automation, it’s virtually impossible to create a track in there. It really makes you appreciate the beauty of Auxy! However, it’s super easy to export loops through AudioShare and then into your Auxy sample library.

Their sounds are quite different from Auxy, so it gives you a whole new way of mixing up your tracks. The only problem is it’s hard to export loops with a delay on them, because the delay gets cut off at the end of the bar, and you can hear the cut off point; you can record without delay, but Auxy doesn’t have a delay for the sampler! If anyone has figured out a good fix to this, let me know.


I do (use it) - I don’t have a solution for the delay issue though :frowning:

I’d also love to record the tail off Discord4 and use in Auxy but same issue. Would really love to see delay added to sampler channels in Auxy (cue the stupid dub delays)

Having something like the Groovebox synth(s) inside Auxy would be ideal. This was a feature suggestion dream I posted awhile back.

Blocs wave plays nicely, as does Reason Compact (since they both have link and work well on small + big screens)


One thing you can do is, for example, if you want to export a 2- bar loop, ser to 4 bars with the second two bars blank. That way you can get the bleed of the delay into the first beat of the third bar. Trim in AudioShare, then import into Auxy the same sample twice. You go back-and-forth between them, so the delay trail overlaps beat 1 each time. Pain in the ass tho’!

Trying to sequence anything in Groovebox is just such a drag, you tap on note to select it and it disappears… & with those synths, not being able to record automation is just so disappointing.

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The SFX pack for Minimon is sick, and fills a void within Auxy, I’ve been tripping a lot from there.

That is a great idea with the tail to fit into 20s sample limit and my god yeah there’s really nothing more unsexy than some of the hoop jumping on iOS holistically lol…

GrooveBox desperately needs automation, and pattern chaining. The synths are QUITE good though

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Oh how I wish this could be done because groove box has some professionally made noises too!

I use Groovebox from time to time, never bother with the piano roll, it’s too easy to record loops on the keys and once you have a solid collection, load it into AudioShare and record a performance of loop triggering and muting. That on top of the built in loops, you can get a full track going in no time. While I also wish for automation, I just kind of think of Groovebox tracks like a band, cant rely on automation or gratuitous layers, gotta actually play something different for variation. It’s actually helped my writing by working within the limitations

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Yeah, I have written them at least twice saying as much. They said they were considering it, that was about a year and a half ago, LOL.

It’s not that bad since you’re exporting into AudioShare anyway, you just do a trim there.

I’ve never even tried recording the keys live, does groovebox have quantize, or do you have really good keyboard skills? :wink:

I’d be interested to hear something you’ve done like that, got any links?

Actually, I tried this, recording live in Groovebox with Auxy on background play. It’s actually a great way to bring non-quantized phrases for a more live feel into Auxy. Thanks for the tip!

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Yeah sorry for the late reply, yeah it’s got quantize. I just play the on screen keyboard. You can play easily on the touch screen when the keyboard is locked to a specific scale which you have that ability here and many many other apps


Yeah, good tip, I just got a really quick and dirty workflow, set Groovebox to the same BPM and key, put Auxy on background, and jam in real time for four or eight bars. Export the loop, and drop into Auxy as a sample from the point you began playing, or drop it in other points for unexpected results. Timing in both apps is strong, so synch is quite reliable.