Auxy Forum - 🦄 UNICORN CHALLENGE - Minimalism - Winners announced!

It doesn’t matter unless you get the general simplistic feel.

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Ok, I tried to make a calming and relaxing simplistic track with warm vibes. Hope you enjoy! If you listen with headphones on louder volume it sounds better.


2 minutes

1 minute

30 seconds

Submissions for this Unicorn Challenge have now been closed. Thanks to those who entered.

I’m going to take a couple of days to listen to the tracks a few times and choose the three winners.

The winners will be announced this week.


R - E - S - U - L - T - S

The main criteria of this challenge was to create a minimalistic track. All of the entries sounded good, but some got busier part-way through and stopped being minimalistic.

Congratulations to the three winners of the UNICORN MINIMALISM CHALLENGE.

You’ll each receive a wild unicorn by your forum name. And your names have been etched onto the walls of the Unicorn Hall of Fame.


Pocket Party - Mr Serpent

Connection Error - DJ_spedgetti

Minimal Challenge - Crystldawn


Wow! I never though I’d get a unicorn! Thanks so much @MisterMaster for judging this contest, it was a lot of fun.


Oh my god!! I did not think this would happen lol. I never thought I would get a unicorn. Thank you so much!


Still tryin to figure this one out but hey, no complaints haha


Why does my entry have another by it

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Lol I don’t know either

oops Connection Error is by @DJ_spedgetti… (see further up in this thread)

Edit: yeah @MisterMaster I think there’s been a unicorn mix-up :sweat_smile:

SPIIDR 2 isn’t INDIR3CT, it’s Dj_spedgetti

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Hang in there
Oh wait I’m a little late


Oops, looks like I made a mistake. @DJ_spedgetti has a couple of names for releasing music and I mistakenly thought it was Indir3ct.

Congrats to @DJ_spedgetti who is now the owner of a Unicorn!

The Unicorn Hall of Fame has also been updated to include DJ_spedgetti’s name.


If anyone was listening to mine, it’s now at I had to put it on my alt account for upload space concerns but it still exists