Auxy Forum - Track of the Week #26 [Winner Announced]

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Welcome to the FIRST Auxy TotW throw down. First, I want to announce a small revamp of the system. If you checked out the TotW hall of fame, you may have already noticed the updated verbiage.

For each five :cd:'s you earn, you are certified gold :dvd:

For each five :dvd:'s you earn, you are certified platinum :minidisc:

Big congratulations to our FIRST gold certified member @auxysimon! His profile has already been updated. So without any further blibber blabber, read on for the rules.

ⓦhat happens?

  • Each week a new topic (like this one) is posted in the #contests category.
  • If you want your track considered for track of the week, just post a link to your track below, before the due date listed at the bottom of this topic.
  • The winner will be announced here at the end of the week.


  1. Track must be made by the submitter, using Auxy.
  2. There are no set themes. Any genre. Any tempo. Any automations.
  3. Tracks must be 60-seconds or longer.
  4. Tracks can’t have been posted previously. This competition is for new releases.
  5. One entry per person, per week.
  6. No collabs or remixes.
  7. You can edit your post during the week if you make updates to your submission.
  8. External samples can be used for individual instruments or vocals only
    ie: not sections of sampled music or drum loops.
  9. Project files won’t be considered.
  10. Late entries won’t be considered. Enter in the next week instead.
  11. Please also create a thread for your track under #tracks, like usual, if you wish.

One winner is chosen each week, or possibly a draw. Judging will be totally subjective. Please don’t ask why your track didn’t win. The judges alternate between: -

  • iammane
  • blakkaz
  • AzureOnyx
  • MrSerpent
  • Mr_Mooo
  • Goxenar
  • Peregrihn
  • Dadmother
  • HexxOfficial

Judge this week is: @iammane


  • Winner gets a special :cd: icon next to their forum name.
  • Winner’s name is also listed in a winner’s thread.

*Logo created by Arimyth


Quick question… are remixes allowed?



Oh… sorry my brain somehow didn’t register that lol

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Yes originals only!!

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I mean it came out Saturday but it’s fair game no?

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Yup that’s ok! Just don’t want people posting stuff they did like a month+ ago, that’s all. Has to be something recent because these are going to be weekly for a bit.

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Fair enough, I forgot to do promo for the track so I probably should get on that

Don’t forget rule 11 too! No harm in setting up a thread for work can post here and there.

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Would a track I uploaded 22 days ago be okay? I assume not, but I might as well just ask.

I am personally ok with anything not older than a month! I think each judge can reserve their own opinion though. So for this round, yes all good!

Well okay then I got this drumstep track!

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So also no mixing, replacing sounds, etc. in pc daws allowed? Also this will exclude the people on here that don’t use Auxy…

Correct, it’s the Auxy Track of the Week!

3 Likes This isn’t a winning track but I’ll just put this here because why not

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Here’s a single I did recently

2 Likes Did some more leveling work on this WIP, gonna extend and finish soon!

@iammane I changed the link to a new upload because SoundCloud butchered the quality. Just letting you know! :grin:


Here is my submission! This actually will be a full release with vocals, but this is just Auxy material right now. Hope you like. Please Dont Leave Me - Caolán [Hip-Hop/Lofi]

so this is my new track :kissing_smiling_eyes: **: HOPE - 15 days ago

EDIT : I still don’t know what kind of genre about this track :joy:

Just to weigh in on this:

I think it would remove a lot of confusion if we only allowed track premieres?

So on the day you release a track, whether that be on Soundcloud/Spotify/Bandcamp etc or just here on the forums, you then find that weeks TOTW thread and post it there as well.

I think this would make things simpler for both judges and contestants?
I know I’ve had to disqualify a few entries in the past for being several months old…

Perhaps we let it slide this week to account for TOTW being on hiatus?

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