Auxy Forum - Track of the Week #25 - Winners announced

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This is the final Track of the Week competition for 2019!!!
…and this time it’s a bit longer than a week

ⓦhat happens?

  • Each week a new topic (like this one) is posted in the #contests category.
  • If you want your track considered for track of the week, just post a Soundcloud link to your track below, before the due date listed at the bottom of this topic.
  • The winner will be announced here at the end of the week.


  1. Track must be made by the submitter, using Auxy.
  2. There are no set themes. Any genre. Any tempo. Any automations.
  3. Tracks must be 60-seconds or longer.
  4. Tracks can’t have been posted previously. This competition is for new releases.
  5. One entry per person, per week.
  6. No collabs or remixes.
  7. You can edit your post during the week if you make updates to your submission.
  8. External samples can be used for individual instruments or vocals only
    ie: not sections of sampled music or drum loops.
  9. Project files won’t be considered. Soundcloud links only.
  10. Late entries won’t be considered. Enter in the next week instead.
  11. Please also create a thread for your track under #tracks, like usual, if you wish.

One winner is chosen each week, or possibly a draw. Judging will be totally subjective. Please don’t ask why your track didn’t win. The judges alternate between: -

  • :icsleepers: ICSleepers
  • :arimyth: Arimyth
  • :azureonyx: AzureOnyx
  • :goxenar: Goxenar
  • :blakkaz: Blakaz
  • :dadmother: DadMother
  • :janitor: MisterMaster

Judge this week is: @MisterMaster


  • Winner gets a special :cd: icon next to their forum name.
  • Winner’s name is also listed in a winner’s thread.

*Logo created by Arimyth

Here is my submission ( I posted it in the tracks category a day ago)

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What’ll happen after this week? Will it keep going? my entry–enjoy :slight_smile:

Let me know what y’all think.

i have a track :3
Imagination : :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait I need to get mine on. Others are protesting to call it ragequit because they think this should be the official song for it.

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I thought I had two more weeks not two more days…

Bear with with me guys I promise Ima make it


ffffffffreaking took a long time to make

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Well I don’t think Ima be able to make it…


Does it close itself Tonight or Tomorrow?

Fun little glitch/noisestyle track to end off the year. Definitely one of the more fun mixing projects I’ve done. Hope you enjoy it! Good luck everyone!