Auxy Forum - Track of the Week #24 - Winner Announced

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ⓦhat happens?

  • Each week a new topic (like this one) is posted in the #contests category.
  • If you want your track considered for track of the week, just post a Soundcloud link to your track below, before the due date listed at the bottom of this topic.
  • The winner will be announced here at the end of the week.


  1. Track must be made by the submitter, using Auxy.
  2. There are no set themes. Any genre. Any tempo. Any automations.
  3. Tracks must be 60-seconds or longer.
  4. Tracks can’t have been posted previously. This competition is for new releases.
  5. One entry per person, per week.
  6. No collabs or remixes.
  7. You can edit your post during the week if you make updates to your submission.
  8. External samples can be used for individual instruments or vocals only
    ie: not sections of sampled music or drum loops.
  9. Project files won’t be considered. Soundcloud links only.
  10. Late entries won’t be considered. Enter in the next week instead.
  11. Please also create a thread for your track under #tracks, like usual, if you wish.

One winner is chosen each week, or possibly a draw. Judging will be totally subjective. Please don’t ask why your track didn’t win. The judges alternate between: -

  • :icsleepers: ICSleepers
  • :arimyth: Arimyth
  • :azureonyx: AzureOnyx
  • :goxenar: Goxenar
  • :blakkaz: Blakaz
  • :dadmother: DadMother
  • :janitor: MisterMaster

Judge this week is: @Dadmother


  • Winner gets a special :cd: icon next to their forum name.
  • Winner’s name is also listed in a winner’s thread.

*Logo created by Arimyth


Ladies and gentlemen,



Some dark drum and bass!


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Erm… can we use free sounds?
Cause I don’t have premium so I can’t use paid ones.
But free songs are gonna be bad anyway so I don’t know if I should post mine

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As long as it abides by the contest rules! Have at it! I’m stoked to hear it :grin:

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If there’s any doubt about my track winning let me know and I’ll wire you another $50 @Dadmother. :triumph:



I don’t see it happening, but hey, I may as well try it out

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Here’s hoping!


I had 2 choices to submit for the unicorn challenge, and I chose a different one, so this is the other one, and I think it is nice as well. However, it is pretty minimalistic as is part of the other challenge.

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Here’s something…

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Submissions have been closed.

Our judge this week is @Dadmother


Who is the ⓦinner?

This week has been interesting, as one entry was a collaboration (rule 6: No collabs) and another was under a minute (rule 3: Tracks must be 60-seconds or longer). So unfortunately those tracks couldn’t be winners, because rules are rules.

Our judge this week, @DadMother, has chosen the winner. Here’s his announcement: -

Track of the Week has consistently brought out killer talent from every contributor, and this week is certainly no exception. There was a good variety of styles, which also made my choice that much harder. My Track of the Week this week goes to @Twizard and his track “Claustrophobic”! This track showcased some nifty neuroDnB with well-balanced moments of tension and release throughout. The chirping lead provided an excellent minimal-but-strong focal point in the verses, while the drop sections boasted both spaciousness and a sense of enclosure simultaneously, really living up to this track’s namesake. Great job, Twiz! And well done to every contributor! You should all be proud!

Congrats Twizard for winning your first :cd: !!!


Thank y’all so much! Really appreciate it!


Congrats Twizard! Nicely done!

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Great track my dude but uh… this week is over

Maybe save this track for next week! Track of the week 25

oh i did’nt know :> sorry :3

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All good, for real submit it next week tho;)

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